Making “Real-Time” Marketing Easy

Posted by Dan Neely on November 13th, 2012 at 11:45 am

For some marketing professionals, the mere mention of the phrase "real-time marketing" inspires head scratching. Add the notion of "social data" and it is enough to make the average marketer start sweating. The reason for their anxiety is simple: The perception of real-time marketing is often far from reality. Many believe it requires a wealth of teams, resources, and technology, but in reality it doesn't need to be that complex.

Progressive marketing organizations have advanced from treating social media solely as a communications channel, to a data set that informs decision-making. Why not? After all, social data is really consumer data with some exceptional characteristics that I refer to as the 3 R’s: richness, regenerative, and real-time.

A cogent evolution of social media monitoring is applying the analytics technologies and methodologies used in Business Intelligence to social media data to uncover insights. This technology, known as a marketing decisions platform, can improve marketing activities across the entire marketing lifecycle – planning, activation, measurement and optimization.

When marketers graduate from questions like “what should I say in social media” to “what can social media tell me about my customer,” they begin to collect real-time intelligence about their target audiences. A marketing decisions platform moves beyond understanding how advocates and detractors discuss your brand and allow you to explore the “why” more efficiently. Knowing what drives conversations and engagement allows you to move from counting Facebook Likes to knowing how to improve conversions to all marketing programs. It’s a way to quickly make sense of all the social data that surrounds you to discover new trends and unlock consumer insights.

Brand marketing professionals have boldly been making decisions in a world where the connected consumer is moving faster empowered by technology. That period of time is quickly coming to a close with solutions adept at meeting the demands of enterprise marketing organizations. The ability to make quicker decisions, and optimize faster than ever, ushers in an exciting new era where real-time marketing can truly become a reality. Now the question is, are you ready to start doing business at the speed of your customer?

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