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13 Trends in 2013: #8 Rise of Augmented Reality

Posted by Winnie Brignac Hart and Lorrie Brignac Lee on November 13th, 2012 at 9:17 am

As you are planning for 2013, your business will find itself facing questions concerning the social impact of your business and brand.  Winnie Hart and Lorrie Lee from TwinEngine share 13 in 2013 – Social Media Marketing trends that will take flight.

Augmented reality technology allows consumers to view or interact with an image or object that is not actually in front of them.  The augmented reality that we are starting to see in advertisements typically requires a smart phone or webcam to complete the experience.  This technology has been used in the past, from greeting cards to automobile models.

This technology will not only continue to emerge; it will become a popular choice for consumers when they want or need more information.  Augmented reality gives users the option of visualization over data, which is a choice that more and more consumers are turning towards.

#8 Rise of Augmented Reality

- Social channels align and new channels emerge

- Untapped potential

- Brings static pages to life

- Google's AR glasses

- Interactive instructions, training, windshield AR navigation

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