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Effective Site Conversion Tips

Posted by Alexis Trinidad on November 8th, 2012 at 12:58 am

Everyone is thinking about conversion, leads, sales, and so forth. However, they go about these like they actually know everything about it.

Conversion. It’s the word ever so loved by entrepreneurs and businesses. Conversion simply is the process wherein your site’s visitors become your customers or clients. It’s an important factor since it determines the efficiency of a website and its elements to generate revenue not only for covering expenses but also encouraging the growth and development of a business.

With the advent of inbound marketing and search engine optimization, businesses are opening websites out of their own volition, without even taking time to brainstorm how could they use their websites to increase the sales and generate more income for their enterprise. Other businesses might have opened a blog, which could be inappropriate for businesses that rely heavily on visual appeal. On the other hand, complex businesses with inexplicable terms might jump right into making their own guides, without even creating a simple,  for-newbies guide in case there might be visitors who are entirely new to their concept.

It all boils down to how a business handles its brand well. Martin Lindstrom, branding keynote speaker, proposes the 360-degree branding. He discussed that branding isn’t just about the logo; it’s also how people benefit from your website.

“Every element of your site’s construction and operation should be fully conveyed by your branding aims and integrated to communicate a seamless and comprehensive story. The integration principle is crucially relevant to all your channels and their intercommunications so that, wherever consumers encounter your business, they are able to recognize it instantly: in your store, on billboards, dealing with your staff, on the radio… even without seeing your logo. That’s 360-degree branding: branding without using a brand,” Lindstrom said so in his article.

It is not just a rating that you need to meet, but it is a process you need to carefully execute: conversion that is. Consider the user-experience of your would-be clients instead of following the so-called trends in web design. Exude professionalism with your site’s simple and easy-to-use interface.

Meanwhile, here are some tips that could help increment your website’s conversion.

Avoid Information Overload

Avoid giving out too much information. You can give the general details and hand the specifics later on. In such a complex niche like finance, there are things that aren’t familiar with the general public. It is better to give a brief introduction about a product or a service, then add a little of the general details. You can create separate pages and interlink it within the home page or you could get a navigation pane on the side for visibility.

On the other hand, you can also incorporate the beauty of images and a little web design magic to make your product visually appealing. Take this bookcase style from Martin Lindstrom’s website. Indeed, the books are listed on this page, but the details or the summary about the books are not shown. It’s by giving the visitors the freedom to choose whether an information will be shown to him or her is an effective approach to get your visitors more interested.

Honesty is the Best Policy

If you’re giving out information, don’t be stingy; give them factual information. Being frank and candid about the services you offer is a great way to give an impression that you are serious about your craft. Do offer reviews; give insights on your blog on the pressing news currently affecting your product or service. Engaging the visitors into an interaction makes them believe that you are a professional. That you are an expert in your field.

Take BinaryOptions.net. It offers an extensive repertoire of binary course guide and practices one can refer to if he strikes an interest in investing in binary options. They also offer best binary options brokers and broker reviews that will help a trader to select what’s more appropriate for him. To encourage sign ups, they give out information on how binary trading works; not just hogging their contact information and tricking into signing up.

Be Within Reach

Make space for a contact section or even a question and answer portion. Make sure to ask the details that would only be relevant to the website’s motif, and not just collect every bit of information you can gather. Adding a question and answer page enables the visitors to feel that you care about their opinion and that you can answer all their questions very quickly via email.

Definitely, there are other steps you will need to undertake in order to increase your conversion rate. Improving B2C relationship through successful renovation and refining the user’s experience can help your business in the long run.

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  1. Your website needs to make people trust your brand. You have to give them enough information so they feel comfortable but not so much they feel like they are drowning. There is no "right" amount of content; it's whatever works for your audience.

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