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5 Cars with Social Media Capabilities

Posted by Drew Hendricks on November 4th, 2012 at 12:50 pm

Social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr seem to be invading every computer, smartphone and tablet. It often seemed that the only place people could get away from social media was in their own cars; that was until now.

Many car manufacturers are catering to the demands of the people and offering numerous features that allow people to stay connected to social media outlets even when they are driving. The following five cars are ones that either currently offer numerous social media capabilities or will in the future.

The Cadillac Cue System

Imagine tiny little touchscreens in cars that allow for drivers to stay connected to social media outlets 24/7. That is exactly what the Cadillac Cue System does or could do in the future.

The Cadillac Cue System is a unique combination of driver navigation systems, entertainment center and possible social media connection. Drivers can customize the touchscreen application to fit their needs.

This customization process can soon include downloadable apps to social media outlets, such as Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. This is where drivers will receive instant updates on their social media platforms and even be able to compose status updates and Tweets while driving.

The Always Connected Ford Evos

The big year for social media connected cars seems to be 2013. Ford recently announced its 'always connected' Ford Evos. This car will do just about everything from provide real-time camera angles of the road to allowing drivers to connect a touchscreen dashboard panel the web via a Wi-Fi connection. It's the Wi-Fi connection that'll keep drivers Tweeting and updating Facebook.

Create a Hot Spot with the AutoNet Mobile from Mercedes-Benz

Luxury cars don't have to physically have a Wi-Fi connection on their dashboard to be connected to social media outlets; they can just turn into mobile hot spots. Mercedes-Benz released in 2012 the AutoNet Mobile, which is a car feature that allows drivers and passengers to connect to the Internet via a Wi-Fi connected created by the car itself. Just hop in the car, drive away, and stay connected to Facebook and other social media outlets.

Browse Social Media Outlets In-Car with Kia's In-Car Wi-Fi

Kia is notorious for creating cost-effective cars that are up on the latest trends. Kia's in-car Wi-Fi, which was announced as an up-and-coming feature in 2011, allows passengers and drivers to connect to social media outlets via smartphones, laptops and tables. It may not be on the car's dashboard, but it allows people to stay connected while on the go!

Transform Mobile Hot Spots into Social Media Headquarters with Audi

Audi released a Mobile media Interface Platform, which allowed drivers to connect to GPS satellites. This same platform will now be used to allow anyone traveling in the car to connect to social media outlets. Just enable the Wi-Fi connection and start browsing on any laptop, tablet or smartphone.

While it is great to stay connected to the social media world, it comes at a high cost. Many of these cars cost thousands of dollars more than a traditional $25,000 car. With a price tag like that, drivers will have to be on the lookout for cheap car insurance so they can afford to stay connected to social media outlets 24/7!

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