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Top 10 Social Media Initiatives 2012 (Video)

Posted by Rick Mathieson on November 30th, 2012 at 3:40 pm

This list may spark a Twitterstorm all its own.
We know some people are going to disagree with our list.  Indeed, in some quarters, the fact that we didn’t include Kony 2012 is going to be enough to send some in the socialsphere over the edge.
It is, after all, arguably the most astonishingly successful social media effort ever. And everyone (everyone) is reverse engineering the campaign to see if they can replicate it.
It’s just that ultimately (again, don’t hate), we found certain aspects of the effort unsettling for
reasons we haven’t quite taken the time to fully puzzle together in our own minds.
But the other, far more important reason: This particular list is for brand-oriented social initiatives
versus cause-oriented efforts (or political, for that matter - which would have resulted in the Obama campaign's inclusion on our list this year).
And in that regard, like a few of our Top 10 lists so far this year, it is one that is dominated by Coca-Cola. It's no wonder the brand has been named the 'Creative Marketer of the Year' for the 2013 Cannes Festival.
So: Here’s our list. If you disagree, make your own list and share.
10. Social Media Street Fight: Duke It Out for Your... Read more

The (Hyper-Local) Future of Advertising

Posted by Matt Murphy on November 30th, 2012 at 9:43 am

Until recently, large national advertising agencies had an almost insurmountable advantage over their mid-sized and smaller counterparts thanks to economies of scale in large-scale media buying. Expanding companies that were looking to increase market share turned to big advertising agencies because they could access large-scale media buys more affordably. This was the prevalent trend in advertising for decades. Under that model, a company that started small might use local advertising agencies to craft and manage campaigns for their regional outreach, but as the organization grew and set its sights on a national audience, it would typically form relationships with larger advertisers to achieve broader reach.
The proliferation of data generated by online activities at home, at work and on the go has given rise to a new trend in advertising: hyper-localization. With hundreds of millions of consumers now using home or work-based desktops and laptops as well as mobile devices to access the web, advertisers can now reach people anytime, anywhere. And thanks to apps that deliver reviews and other information on local goods and services, consumers are increasingly likely to voluntarily share their location information to receive relevant, targeted information.
But not every company has been able to leverage this valuable... Read more

Three Ways to Transform the Digital Experience

Posted by Larry Bowden on November 30th, 2012 at 9:18 am

It's a fact: organizations that develop social and mobile-optimized sites experience increased sales and build better brand loyalty. Creating an engaging, customized web experience – or an exceptional web experience – allows marketers to deliver the right information, capabilities and resources on every type of device.
This might sound simple, but many marketers can find it daunting. Here are three tips for creating an exceptional web experience in an increasingly connected world.
1. Get social
Nowadays, there's a dizzying array of technology choices for creating visitor/website harmony. From digital marketing and mobile commerce, to websites and social media, marketers are inundated -- often paralyzed -- by data amassed from consumers via searches, purchase histories, Facebook "likes" and comments on Twitter.
Be aware of and monitor the social conversation. Make sure you truly understand the sentiment and are interacting one-on-one with customers. Integrating these conversations directly into a website gives you a one-stop-shop for networking and shopping.
2. Forge a shared agenda
The marketing landscape is evolving, thanks in large part to the rise of BYOD and other game-changing technologies like mobile and social. IT and marketing are more similar than people realize – just as marketers struggle to reach their audiences, CIOs and other... Read more

Top 10 in Digital Outdoor 2012 (Video)

Posted by Rick Mathieson on November 29th, 2012 at 2:09 pm

Is outdoor the new TV?
Thanks to digital, outdoor is quickly becoming that certain "had-to-see-it" element that, if done well, cuts through the clutter in a way most other channels today (digital or otherwise) simply can't.
One remarkable feature of this year's list is how many slots go to Coca-Cola, which simply owns experiential marketing these days. Another is the innovation in vending machines.
Here are our favorite initiatives of the year so far. Let us know if you agree.
10. Nokia Lumia Live Augmented Reality 'Angry Birds' Game
Flip the bird or just get your boogie on. It's all good.
9. Invisible Mercedes Benz
Not so much cutting through the clutter as phasing through it.
8. TNT's Dynamite Street Promo
Technically, the only thing digital here is the activation device. But the results are priceless.
7. Tic Tac's 'Bad Breath'
Kind of like a flash faint than a flash mob. But it's for a good cause.
6. Ford Pinball Park
Pinball wizardry meets the pitfalls of parking on a busy street.
5. 'Axe Anarchy': Outdoor Ads Visible Only If You're Wearing Sunglasses
Attention voyeurs of the world: Has Axe Anarchy have an ad for you.
4. Shafted: Elevator Riders Get Big Surprise from LG
Call it Schadenfreude in the elevator shaft.
3. Coke Zero '007' Vending Machine... Read more

Ten Ways to Optimize your Mobile Marketing Efforts

Posted by Nick Matarazzo on November 29th, 2012 at 12:26 pm

(Hint:  Focus on the Fundamentals)
I can’t believe the holidays are almost here.  As the year quickly draws to a close, Jumpstart is busy putting the final coat of polish on our clients’ 2013 digital marketing strategies.
Around this time each year, as we shore up campaigns for the next twelve months, I ask departments within our organization to develop best practice snapshots for the road ahead.  Whether it’s fine tuning successful tactics from the past or exploring what’s exciting on the horizon, our yearly informal think tank nets some interesting results.
I thought I’d share the following highlights from input our product team offered when asked the ways Jumpstart could optimize our clients’ mobile marketing efforts next year.  I couldn’t help but think all marketers could benefit from the advice.
1. Remember the fundamentals first.

Sure, mobile is a marketing game changer, but the best campaigns still rely on good old fashioned business principals.  In this case, it’s bad business to put the technology cart before the marketing horse.
Identifying what your customers want and need and then leveraging these insights to communicate the benefits of relevant solutions you offer before you decide which mobile strategies to use is always the best first... Read more