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Supporting eCommerce with Effective Communication

Posted by Jason Elkins on October 30th, 2012 at 2:59 am

On the EWA blog we’ve recently been talking about eCommerce websites and the role contact centres can play in supporting website activities and delivering better customer experiences. The growth of eCommerce has revolutionised the way in which businesses compete, instead of being reliant upon the shop front, even the smallest businesses now have the opportunity to compete with big brands as long as their prices are attractive. Despite this, it’s not all about price.

With Forrester Research predicting online retail sales to be worth $250 billion by 2014 it is undeniable that the internet is a hugely significant marketplace. But with many shoppers reporting problems when visiting retail websites, and 97% of shoppers reporting they have abandoned baskets in the past, the challenges for e-tailers is to minimise abandonment, maximise conversions whilst ensuring positive customer experiences.

This can be achieved using methods such as:

  • Live assistance to help customers through the purchasing process using either web chat or social media platforms. This can help to reduce abandonment and help improve the customer experience.
  • Cart recovery techniques that chase up abandoned baskets using contact details to encourage the customer to return and complete the purchase. This could vary from an SMS or email enquiry into why the customer abandoned their basket, or with larger, more costly items, may even consist of an outbound call to the customer.

Naturally choosing which channel and method, or mixture of channels in an integrated solution is dependent upon your customers, products and offering. Investing in communication however, is a viable use of resources if you are to build customer loyalty and create high lifetime value.

If you’re interested in reading more about “How to Support eCommerce with Additional Communication Channels”, why not read the full article?

3 Responses to “Supporting eCommerce with Effective Communication”

  1. Kathy Heslop says:

    We are finding that with multiple customer touch points, there is an expectancy of multiple merchant response formats too and that customers appreciate the perceived VIP personalised treatment this gives them. Often a remarketing email to a recovered cart 'owner' will achieve a bigger basket spend too. Especially if that cart as been repopulated with its previous contents, making recommencement of the transaction all the easier for the customer.

  2. No doubt that communication is important care should be taken that e-commerce guys don’t over-do it
    For example I bought a book from a well-known Indian portal . I received 7-8 communications.
    Starting from Thank you , order is booked, shipped, on the way ,delivered , thank you for shopping
    It landed up as text on my BB , in my e-mail and again e-mails found its way on my BB . Things did not stop there. I was made a regular subscriber to new offers, festival bonanzas ….
    One book purchase; 20 mails that is “Over communication” and irritating.
    Whenever I receive an e-mail through cart recovery. I feel my privacy is invaded. Yes I did abandon the cart .and I did it on purpose why these pesky mails?
    Its important to distinguish between proactive communication and over-communication
    Prashant Telang transpacific.in

  3. SidRhyes says:

    E- commerce helps to give the broad path to the business, E commerce has emerged as a vital thing in today's scenario, It also helps us to analyze the user and keep us update over the current market update.

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