Instagram photos from the iMedia Breakthrough Summit

Posted by Jennifer Marlo on October 16th, 2012 at 6:05 am

Day one of the iMedia Breakthrough Summit was fun, informative, and engaging. My esteemed colleagues Andy Cheng and Kyle Montero are doing a marvelous job of covering the hustle and bustle of this event. Kyle wrote about yesterday's keynote address, and Andy has endeavored to capture the entire event on camera.

While Andy took snapshots of people, I ventured to take snapshots of the environment. This is what the summit world looks like between keynote addresses, panel discussions, networking breaks, and one:one meetings at the Hyatt Lost Pines Resort and Spa in Texas. 

This morning I spied grazing alpacas from my hotel balcony. I'm not certain that they're alpacas, but I like the word so the name stays.

Say it with me: "Alpaca." Doesn't it feel exotic?

The alpacas came with a warning. As far as I know, alpacas don't grow horns. But then again, we don't even know if these cuddly mammals are actually alpacas. The white one likes to do somersaults in the grass so -- regardless of actual genetic makeup -- he passes my litmus test.

On my way to the attendee breakfast I passed by Butterfly Meadow.

The garden definitely attracts butterflies.

But where there are butterflies, there are also other bugs like giant wasps and fat, juicy arachnids.

The trail that winds alongside the Colorado River is ideal for outdoorsy types.

Did you know that the Colorado River runs through Texas? I sure didn't.

The Hyatt Lost Pines Resort and Spa has a little something for everyone. For those who like the "spa" part more than the "lost pines," there's a pristine lazy river.

I collided with Andy Cheng at the cocktail reception, where I took this portrait of the artist at work

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  1. Katharine Panessidi says:


  2. Yes, you came upon the magical alpacas. No doubt the sign was posted for times when TX longhorns have been in that pasture. Alpacas are gentle, curious creatures, and generally a pleasure to be around. We often take visitors right into the pasture with our herd, to walk among them. Few alpacas actually like to be petted, and those who do are very entertaining, especially to the children. Go back for a visit!

    Such lovely photos. I grew up in TX, nice to see.

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