Tips to improve your online display ads

Posted by Leslie Van Zee on October 11th, 2012 at 10:00 am

If you rely on online display advertising to spread the word about your company or products, you need to ensure your ads are of the highest quality. Poor advertisements that are unreadable and ugly do not reflect well on your business. If you want to improve your online ads, read ahead for some sensible ideas.

Creative Display Ads

Your advertising goal is to encourage Internet users to click on your ads. Start by making sure your ads look pleasing to the eye. Avoid using unreadable fonts or colors that clash drastically. People are far more likely to click on creative and interesting ads.

Additionally, many Internet users have simply learned how to completely ignore ads on websites. You need to do something bold and refreshing to get attention among a sea of boring ads. Don't be afraid to use a little humor, but try to keep it clean.

Highlight Your Business or Products

Make sure your display ads are clear and to the point. You want to inspire people to immediately click on your banner the second they see it. If your banner is too confusing, people will quickly forget it and move on. Don't use your online display advertising as an opportunity to mock your competition. Your ads should only focus on your company and what makes it amazing.


Some ad locations on a website attract more attention than others. Web users are far more likely to notice ads at the top of the page than those near the bottom. It may cost you more to purchase advertising at the top of a website, but you will see better results.


Each of your ads should have a clear focus and message. Don't clutter your ads up with too many products or services. For each ad you create, choose a single theme to focus on. If your business has multiple products, try creating a separate advertisement for each one. You can spread your message further by adding single product ads to relevant pages on the Internet.

Evaluate Constantly

A good ad campaign requires you to constantly track your progress. Solicit feedback from your customers to find out if your ads are having a positive influence on your business. If an ad isn't working out, it's easy to try again with a new one. Treat every ad campaign as an opportunity to learn what works and how you can improve your message.

2 Responses to “Tips to improve your online display ads”

  1. Faye Oney says:

    This is good advice, but I have to disagree with "Your ads should only focus on your company and what makes it amazing." Telling your audience how great your company is will not get them to click on your ad. Telling your audience how your product/service can solve their problem (benefit), along with a clear call to action and a great offer will.

  2. LeeF says:

    If you want clicks, use the word "Clcik" in your call to action.

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