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Can Content Be Good For Marketing If It Isn’t Original?

Posted by Jessica Doban on October 10th, 2012 at 12:28 pm

Content marketing is the hottest buzzword in marketing, but if it’s not original or imaginative can it retain the heat?

It would be a rather large fib to say I don’t spend much time perusing the interwebs. I like to think I’m ahead of the curve, although at times any one of us can’t help but fall behind when a start-up erupts onto the scene changing what we consider to be the standards of social, content, or otherwise. Pinterest was a fantastic example of this in the last year.

It’s hard to avoid repeating material at times, whether through opinion, social media, or just plain interest. There are reasons particular articles pop through every social medium creating massive trends over a singular day; they are reporting rampantly popular news from or about a titular source. How can you not be part of sharing that information? How would you feel to not participate? Would your brand suffer?

Originality is often serendipitous. We can’t be too hard on ourselves. After all, the concepts for the paperclip, telephone, and television popped up at random around the same time, hundreds to thousands of miles away from each other. Let’s not forget that this all happened before we could all rush to Twitter and scream into the ether about any of them.

Good content needs strategy and aim. If you sit down and find that the only piece you’ll be able to write is a synopsis, of a review, of a YouTube video comment, maybe you should call it a day or ask for help. Your content should always have a purpose to further your brand or expertise within a certain industry.

Or maybe not! Perhaps random is part of your strategy! In that case, please allow me to suggest checking out

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