Twins Know: You're Constantly Being Compared Online

Posted by Winnie Brignac Hart and Lorrie Brignac Lee on September 30th, 2012 at 4:30 pm

As identical twins, we know that we’re always being compared to the other.  Our parents had to compare us right away when we were born—we looked like the exact same bundles of joy!  So the study began, and our parents realized that Lorrie had a mark on her lip, while I had one on my neck.  And, glamorously, that’s how our parents were able to tell us apart.

When our personalities emerged, it was a little easier to differentiate between us.  Lorrie was “the strategic one” (very left-brained), and I was “the creative one” (very right-brained).  When people compared our personalities, they could determine who was who, but to us, it didn’t make sense.  I was Winnie and she was Lorrie—what was there to compare?  However, the comparisons never stopped, because people had to find a way to tell us apart.

Even if you’re not a twin, we guarantee that your business is being compared to another business or brand, especially online.  People are trying to tell you apart from every other similar business.  Who’s better?  Who has the best reputation?  Someone’s going to have the better online customer service, and someone is going to have the more engaging tweets, and someone is going to have the lowest prices.

Competitive analysis can help you determine what you need to set your business apart.  Study your competition’s online activities—watch what and when they post, as well as how they interact with their customers.  Do some comparison of your own—in what areas is your business succeeding or struggling when compared to your competition?  In what areas are others comparing your business?  What can you do to create an online personality for your business that is uniquely different from your competitors?

Besides the initial analysis, you’ve got to constantly monitor your online reputation.  People will still be comparing you and voicing their comparisons and opinions online—and these voices carry weight.  70% of people trust consumer opinions that were posted online, according to a 2012 Nielsen study.

These attitudes and comparisons can really help or hurt your business, which means you need to always be aware of what people are saying.  Are you getting positive reviews?  Negative complaints?  How can you adjust your strategy or brand image to keep your business unique and your customers happy?

Twins know—the comparisons never stop.  But through competitive analysis and online reputation monitoring, you can create an individual online personality for your business that will set it apart from the others.  With the right tools and strategies, your business will be the one that everyone compares the “others” to!

How do you set your business apart so that it stands out when being compared?

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