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How to Crash Your Servers | 4 Key Elements to Driving Traffic

Posted by Jake Larsen on September 11th, 2012 at 8:00 am

How to Drive Traffic

Do you have a great product, service or blog that people don't know about?  Do you need to increase online sales?  Most everybody wants and needs more traffic to their website.  More traffic = More Conversions = More Sales. It's every internet marketers dream to crash the servers. From my marketing experience at ZAGG, we've crashed the servers a number of times by using these four key elements of driving traffic to your website.

Keywords open the locked doors of the internet. What keywords do you want to rank for in Google? If you sell dog leashes then you would want to rank high for the keyword “dog leashes”


Use Google Adwords to see what people are looking up online. It shows you what keyword or keyword phrases are searched and what the competition is. It even offers suggested keywords or keyword phrases that you could use. For example, you could discover that the keyword, “dog leashes” is searched for 10,000 times a month and that the keyword “dog collar” is searched 20,000 times a month, which would get a lot more traffic.

You know when you start typing words into the Google search bar and Google trys to finish your sentences just like your annoying friend? This will help you find out what people are searching for and what your keyword phrases should be.

Soovle is a site that helps you find the most popular words and phrases people look up in all the different search engines. It acts a lot like Google search by finishing your sentences for you but it provides you with results from Yahoo, YouTube, Bing, Amazon, Wikipedia etc.

This helps you find what people are searching for on YouTube, very similar to adwords

The title of your video is the most important. Make sure your keywords you want to rank for are in the title of the video as well as in the description and tags. You need to treat your title and thumbnail image the way a music artists would treat his new album; with a catchy name and album art.
There are 72 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute! The only information that YouTube knows about your video is what you give them. So make sure you give them as much information in the description and tags as you can so you can help YouTube know where to put it. The better you tag and describe the video, the better chance it has of people watching it.

Content is king! It’s not enough to just have content, you have to have great content. All content can be categorized into three categories; content entertains, informs, or instructs. Social media is growing rapidly and is affecting search results. Since Google is all about organizing the world’s information and helping people find exactly what they want, Google’s algorithm is placing a higher importance on social. This means your content needs to be good enough so people will share it.

Timing is everything. If you want to make a video that ranks high for the keyword “iPhone 5,” you need to release the video when people are searching for that term, which is a couple months before and after the phone is released. Nobody is searching for the “iphone 3” right now and making a video around the keyword would be completely useless. One of the best tools for finding the right timing for keywords is Google Trends, it shows you a quick history graph of the popularity of different keywords.

I took advantage of producing a video and targeting the keyword “iPhone 5” just over a year ago. During September and October of 2011 everyone was peeing their pants waiting for the release of the iPhone 5, only to be disappointed when Apple called it the iPhone 4S. During this time I made a fake iPhone 5 unboxing video as an experiment. The video exploded and it was catching the wave for the “iPhone 5” keyword. It blew up a year ago and it’s blowing up again this year as everyone is searching for that same keyword and the timing is right.

Having a “viral video” as part of your marketing plan is a sure thing for failure. It’s not enough to have one video, you need to have a campaign of videos. You need to build your YouTube channel and upload at least once a week. Consistent videos that are uploaded regularly will have a bigger impact than one “viral” video.

The more videos you upload the more views your channel will have. Your channel views grow exponentially the more videos you upload. This is due to the related videos section on the right side of YouTube so when someone watches one of you videos, chances are good they’ll watch another related video that you’ve uploaded.

If you have consistent great content people will notice and want to subscribe to your channel. Subscribers are money because they’re notified every time you upload a video which also increases your view count.

Using these four elements in your online marketing is guaranteed to increase traffic to your website.  You man even need to upgrade your server space to handle all the extra traffic.  Obviously there's more strategy and elements that go into driving traffic but these main four have been proven successful.  Give it a try and let me know how it goes.  Sound off in the comments below and let me know what has helped you increase traffic.  For further discussion you can also hit me up on Twitter - @JakeLarsen7 or Google+ where we can discuss online marketing strategy.

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  1. Cameron says:

    Nice post man. All true.

  2. " The only information that YouTube knows about your video is what you give them. "

    The same is true with regards to videos in the search engines. Google can't watch your video, so your title and description are the only pieces of information it has. Videos can rank in the SERPs, so be sure you optimize the small components that you can!

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