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Effective Methods to Target Local Customers

Posted by Leslie Van Zee on September 5th, 2012 at 10:57 am

Targeting local traffic is an important website marketing strategy. According to a variety of studies that have been done regarding website traffic, approximately 80% of people doing an online business search are searching for local businesses. Learning a few local marketing strategies is important to help you have a strong web presence for local traffic in order for a business to be successful as well as profitable.

Geo-targeted Online Display

Before choosing your product or service, prospective customers should know that you are out there.  By geo-targeting online display ads to viewers in your local area, you can build brand awareness. Doing so increases the likelihood that when online viewers turn to search, they will choose your business instead of your competitors.

Keywords Increase Ranking

In order to narrow their search options, most people who search for local businesses typically include a type of business along with the city, zip code and/or county. If you want to target local traffic, it is vital that you understand the basics of search engine optimization (SEO) and the use of keywords. Keywords are the words used in your content to help guide web searchers to your website. When the keywords are used in correct SEO form it will help the search engines find your website, which increases your rank on search engines such as Google.

Mobile Friendly Web Page

One of the most common ways people search for a local business is with a mobile device. One of the most beneficial methods to increase local traffic is by designing your website to be accessible from mobile devices, such as a smart phone or a tablet. When creating the website, designate a portion of the website to mobile device users. Make this area of the site mobile friendly and large enough that it is easy to find.

Benefits for Locals

One of the most effective ways to drive local traffic to your site is to create special offers just for local customers. Provide offers that are valid online and/or offline. A great way to increase traffic is by word of mouth, so offer an additional discount for customers that refer someone to your business. Create a local social network page with discounts for customers who like the page or share the page with others.

Designing a website that is aimed at local traffic can be slightly overwhelming; however, an experienced marketing agency can extremely beneficial. We can help you with our cost-effective design experience to implement successful marketing campaigns that will lead to the increased traffic you are looking for.


2 Responses to “Effective Methods to Target Local Customers”

  1. Thirdy Rosales says:

    SEO is not just about making any webpage gain the top spot-it's should be focus on potential clients-the netizens, who could be potential buyers and customers for your company. This only means that webmasters should take serious consideration with regards to the overall all customer experience once these netizens access their sites. They should optimize their page not to do some tricks for the any search engine algorithm/rank application. Their concern should be focused on how they will upgrade and maintain a high level of awesome customer experience.

  2. Localizing keywords is essential. If you own a pet store in Chicago it won't help you at all if searchers in San Francisco find your site. It's still not much better if someone from the suburbs finds your site, chances are they have a pet store in their own town that is much closer. You want to make sure your website is being found by the right people with a reason to drop by.

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