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Twins Know: You're Constantly Being Compared Online

Posted by Winnie Brignac Hart and Lorrie Brignac Lee on September 30th, 2012 at 4:30 pm

As identical twins, we know that we’re always being compared to the other.  Our parents had to compare us right away when we were born—we looked like the exact same bundles of joy!  So the study began, and our parents realized that Lorrie had a mark on her lip, while I had one on my neck.  And, glamorously, that’s how our parents were able to tell us apart.
When our personalities emerged, it was a little easier to differentiate between us.  Lorrie was “the strategic one” (very left-brained), and I was “the creative one” (very right-brained).  When people compared our personalities, they could determine who was who, but to us, it didn’t make sense.  I was Winnie and she was Lorrie—what was there to compare?  However, the comparisons never stopped, because people had to find a way to tell us apart.
Even if you’re not a twin, we guarantee that your business is being compared to another business or brand, especially online.  People are trying to tell you apart from every other similar business.  Who’s better?  Who has the best reputation?  Someone’s going to have the better online customer service, and someone is going to have the more engaging tweets, and someone... Read more

Twins Know: Apples, Babies, and First Instincts Online Don't Mix

Posted by Lorrie Brignac Lee on September 30th, 2012 at 4:30 pm

Twins are mischievous.  They have their own language and often work as a team, tackling problems and making decisions together.  When my twin sister Winnie and I found ourselves faced with a third wheel—a new baby brother—we set out to show him how things were done and to “take care” of him.  Poor brother… he didn’t stand a chance.
We didn’t know much about taking care of a baby, but as twins, we were ready to face any challenge together.  One day, our brother was crying in his crib, and we took it upon ourselves to “fix” this.  Was he sleepy?  Was he sick?  No… he was hungry!  As a kid, I loved apples (and still do!), so naturally, my first idea was to give one to the baby.  However, his only response was to look at it.  We even held the apple up to his mouth for him, but he still didn’t eat it.  Then we remembered that he didn’t have any teeth!  Of course he couldn’t eat it!  What he needed, of course, was a utensil.  Winnie fetched a plastic knife from our little pretend kitchen set and put it in the crib with the apple.  We left him... Read more

Biggest Surprise in South Africa Was BlackBerrys, Not Elephants

Posted by Jeff Hasen on September 30th, 2012 at 7:04 am

We rounded the curve on the dirt road and there was a large herd of elephants. Or was it a gaggle?
Regardless, it wasn’t the biggest surprise during my week in South Africa that included four magical days in the Pilanesberg game reserve 2 ½ hours outside of Johannesburg.
What topped the sightings of more animals than I’ve collectively seen in my life?
The sight of BlackBerrys. Nearly everywhere. In 2012. Some South Africans carried two – one for work and one for pleasure.
Imagine that, for pleasure.
In fact, in June, South Africa's youth named BlackBerry as the 'Coolest Brand Overall' in the Sunday Times Generation Next 2012 Brand Survey Awards. BlackBerry also topped the ‘Coolest Cellphone' and 'Coolest High-Tech Gadget’ categories for the second year running.
BlackBerry’s BBM, a messenger service which has now peaked in the U.S., is used by 98 percent of South Africa BlackBerry customers, according to parent company RIM.
According to RIM, there are more than 56 million active BBM users worldwide and 70 percent of them use it daily to communicate daily.
The lesson for marketers? What happens in one region isn’t necessarily mirrored in others. And you need to know your target audience and reach them through their devices of... Read more

REALTORS® Tapping in to Social Media to Connect with Buyers/Sellers

Posted by Neal Leavitt on September 29th, 2012 at 11:43 am

With so many geographic locales nationwide still suffering from housing woes, REALTORS® are turning to social media in greater numbers to not only help generate sales, but for branding as well.
The National Association of Realtors® reports that almost half of its members are now using social media; an additional 9 percent plan to in the future. Mashable reports even higher figures – 84 percent of all real estate professionals are using social media (see graphic).
So what are some innovative sites, programs, tools that REALTORS are finding useful?
There’s a gazillion examples; here are a few:
As reported by Power Up, a social media site providing a welter of real estate-related information and advice, here are five ways REALTORS are using LinkedIn:
Company Homepage: Self-evident; testimonials can also be linked and a real estate agent's firm can be listed for employees to add to their LinkedIn profiles.
Data Mining: Use polls/surveys to better understand clients and what they’re looking for.
LinkedIn Ads: Can target advertising to those folks more apt to call an agent, e.g., people who have recently moved, higher income earners, etc.
LinkedIn Groups: REALTORS can connect with clients, fellow REALTORS – by participating in various forums, people get to know... Read more