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Smartphones to play an interesting role for Olympics coverage

Posted by Jennifer Okula on July 26th, 2012 at 12:02 pm

Leading up to this year's summer Olympics, a few different studies have been reporting on intended Olympics coverage by media or device type. Research from Deloitte reports that 15% of US internet users would watch the games on a mobile phone. A study by Velti reports that almost four in 10 people using their smartphones to follow the Olympics will also do so by connecting with others by calling them or via texting. Safecount has conducted some of it's own research among its panel of US internet users. Data reported in this post are among smartphone owners 18-44.

Not surprisingly, although smartphone owners 18-44 plan to follow the games on their mobile phones, 66% of them still plan to follow via live TV and 29% via Tivo/DVR/previously recorded TV. When this same group is asked what their primary source of coverage would be, these figures are 47% and 11% respectively. However, 13% will follow primarily via streaming computer/laptop coverage. And only 2% of these smartphone owners will follow streaming coverage primarily from their phones.

This data is in line with the thinking that fans will be watching from multiple devices. While smartphone owners are watching the Olympics on TV, 24% of them are also likely to follow coverage on mobile websites at the same time. 15% will follow coverage on mobile apps while watching on TV (14% from tablet apps). This should indicate that there are certainly second-screen advertising opportunities that marketers should be making use of. Both NBC and Yahoo have already created and planned for second screen viewing and activity and it will be interesting to see the resulting usage.

Additionally, people will be following the Olympics outside of the home and therefore likely to be using their smartphones for getting coverage:

Look out for additional Olympics research and stats on the Safecount blog.

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