3 Tips for Targeted Tweets

Posted by Adam Kleinberg on July 19th, 2012 at 1:43 pm

Twitter just introduced the ability to Target your Promoted Tweets. This is good news for marketers advertising on Twitter—especially ones who want to control the geography or platform of audiences they reach.

According to the Twitter announcement:

We are enhancing Promoted Tweets to help you deliver even more targeted messages. With targeted Tweets, you can now reach specific audiences on Twitter with a message tailored just for that group, without first sending your message to everyone who follows you on Twitter.

Targeted Tweets will be particularly useful if you want to tailor your messages locally and/or for specific mobile platforms.

Specifically, you can now do several things you couldn't before with them:

1. Target Tweets by location.

Want to only reach customers in California? Or Uzbekestan? Twitter now allows you to target promoted tweets by region or country. Obviously, that makes ads way more relevant for many brands and eliminates a ton of wasted impressions.

2. Target Tweets by platform.

You can now create platform-specific messages for the desktop (Twitter.com), iOS, Android or iPhone. Let's say you're selling apps or games for iPhone only—now you can just target iPhone users.

3. Target Tweets outside your follower base.

Let's say your business objective is to engage potential new followers on Twitter. In that case, targeting people who are already following is a waste of money. Twitter now allows you to specify that tweets should only be delivered to people who are not your followers. You couldn't do that before. The default was to send to your followers first—and since Twitter charges on a CPE (cost per engagement, i.e. retweets, replies, clicks or favorites) basis, you could spend a lot of money that isn't aligned to your business objective.

All in all, it's a big step forward and I'm sure we'll see more refined targeting options from Twitter in the future.

Facebook has also reported great success on the mobile ad units it has been introducing—saying they are 4X better performing than Twitter mobile ads. Expect these two to continue sniping at one another as they both become the lion share of your mobile ad budget in the coming months or year.

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