The top movie marketing from a studio executive

Posted by Kyle Montero on June 26th, 2012 at 12:14 pm

Peter Stougaard's list of successful blockbuster campaigns runs longer than many movie collections. From 2000 to 2011, as the SVP of 20th Century Fox, Stougaard worked as a member of one of the most successful film marketing teams of the decade. Just to name a few, Stougaard's marketing expertise was put to use while creating campaigns for movies such as “Xmen,” “Mr. & Mrs. Smith,” “Cast Away,” “Moulin Rouge,” “Ice Age,” “Cheaper by the Dozen,” “Minority Report,” “The Day After Tomorrow,” “Walk the Line," and "Avatar." Following his time at 20th Century Fox, Stougaard co-founded ActivateTV -- an interactive television platform that converts videos into social games on Facebook. Not only does Stougaard know how to turn a movie into a blockbuster, but he also understands the importance of exploiting new trends in digital to address the modern audience.

This morning, Stougaard's comprehensive entertainment marketing experience manifested at iMedia's Entertainment Summit during his presentation entitled "The Best in Today's Movie Marketing." The presentation addressed the challenges marketers face when attempting to combine the more traditional movie business techniques with the digital era's modern solutions. In addition, Stougaard touched on the following aspect of the movie/digital landscape:

Movie info hubs versus story extension experiences

The marketing campaign for the upcoming movie “Ted” is a solid example of a film taking full advantage of the social media tools at hand to create a movie info hub. For instance, Ted has his own blog, and visitors to the site can upload photos and crop Ted into the mix. The marketing team behind “The Hunger Games” created a story extension experience by launching a fashion magazine based upon the styles of the world depicted in the movie. The “Prometheus” team aimed at creating extensions to the movie’s story by creating the “Prometheus Project,” a website that offers fans a new “Training” module, which entices applicants to train for the “Prometheus Mission.”

These are all examples of innovative ways  to take advantage of the opportunities at hand to create the best experiences for viewers.

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