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Don't Let Your Content Become Orphaned: The Story of Little Orphan Appy

Posted by Marla Schimke on June 21st, 2012 at 7:00 am

Do you ever wonder where old apps go when you stop using them? I have this theory that they all work for Miss Hannigan at the app orphanage still scrubbing floors and sporadically breaking into song. Stop and think about how many branded apps are sitting in the ibis of applandia like orphans waiting to be downloaded again.

I still remember the days when it was considered leading edge to have a corporate website and now brand names are decided based on whether the url is readily available. Unlike websites that remain searchable, how much money has been wasted on branded apps that were once a big idea?

Making money was all I ever cared about.” – Daddy Warbucks

As a marketer myself, I understand the pressure to create an app and having a “mobile strategy.” There is nothing like the feeling of seeing your app placed in an App Store for the first time. But there is a difference between creating an app just for the sake of it and creating an app that promotes your brand image and builds preference. Once you build an app you are truly proud of, the next struggle is determining how to generate a steady stream of consumers who will continuously engage with your content.

Do you:

  1. Spend additional resources and budget to drive your audience to your app?
  2. Utilize true brand integration to create an app within app experience and leverage the scale of existing apps?

The correct answer is B, of course. Today it is possible to cultivate a user-friendly experience that brings out the best features of an app.

The secret: True Brand Integration

Mobile ads should bring out the best features of an app by striking the balance of art and science to create a holistic experience that engages the consumer time and time again. This is called true brand integration. Think of how much more attention this type of campaign would generate. Most likely your audience already has a key set of favorite apps so why not reach them where they already are…not where you want them to be.

A recent Nielsen study shows the amount of time spent with apps continues to increase. On average, consumers are spending 39 minutes in apps per day. That’s an incredible amount of time staring at a small screen. So when you have consumers’ attention engage them by leveraging the content that already exists. This will not only help you build brand preference, but long-term loyalty. Instead of wasting time developing a branded app that does nothing for your image and doesn’t further marketing goals, find a publishing partner that already has a loyal audience.

While tomorrow is only a day away, today is the day to engage with your target audience.

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