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Facebook VS. Google [Infographic]

Posted by Drew Hendricks on May 30th, 2012 at 9:03 pm

How do you think Google and Facebook compare in terms of traffic, revenue, and corporate structure? After reading this infographic, you might be surprised. Take a look at these fascinating stats breaking down the social media giant and the world's most popular search engine, and review them in this head-to-head comparison.

Facebook vs Google

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5 Responses to “Facebook VS. Google [Infographic]”

  1. Anthony says:

    Nice looking and interesting graphic. Very easy to read and to the point. These kind of infographics are the best on the web!

  2. rajiv jadhav says:

    a very quick & interesting read. pictures speak a 1000 words. :) well done!

  3. Dustin says:

    Expanding on what J said, an even better comparison would be to look at them as the same business unit. Google is a much more diverse company.

  4. Qudrat Ullah says:

    Thanks Drew Hendricks for interesting post. This is fact that infographic method is quite easy and smooth way to convey your message and experience. People will easily understand your post like me :) but i would say that GOOGLE is still on top in the internet market and the other fact is that FACEBOOK is giving tough time to GOOGLE and breaking the Internet Marketing share of GOOGLE. Best of luck both of you DONS (GOOGLE and FACEBOOK) :)

  5. I would say that infographic is so easy and smooth method to learn any topic because the images are included into the post and according to the latest research that people can understand easily with the help of graphic and with the help of images post looks so interesting as well and reader's concentration level goes high. Great job Drew Hendricks and well efforts your message is easily convey to your readers :)

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