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The State of Social Media in 2012

Posted by Drew Hendricks on May 21st, 2012 at 12:15 pm

Without social media it seems as though we would all be lost, wandering souls. Social media has become our source of all things interesting. Some of us use it to connect with old friends and family, interact with our favorite businesses, find out the latest celebrity gossip, and/or as a time passer. Whatever the reason we use social media, it’s obvious it has become one of the biggest forums for people to connect and share their lives.

When most people think of social media, Facebook is the first thought to cross their mind. Facebook seems to have taken over the world of social media. What once started out as a site for college students to connect has now turned into a social media monster. But contrary to popular belief, Facebook isn’t the only contender. This infographic presented by The Seo Company highlights the state of Facebook and other social media websites in 2012.

So other than the book of faces, what’s going on with other social media sites? Well, if you haven’t heard of Pinterest you are completely out of the loop. For those who may not know, Pinterest is basically a virtual pinboard. You can pin pictures to different boards you have created and keep all of your ideas and inspiration in one place. Pinterest was named the Best New Startup of 2011, a title I’m sure Facebook once held. It also referred more business than Linkedin, YouTube and Google+.

Speaking of Google+, President Obama held the first all-virtual interview with U.S. citizens using G+ Hangouts. Pretty cool, although Google+ has not gotten as popular as many expected it to. Todd Wasserman of Mashable found that the average person spends 3.3 minutes on Google+ compared to 7.5 hours on Facebook per month. It seems as though Facebook is still the top dog, but will it last forever?

View the infographic below to find out more about the state of our beloved social media websites.

The State of Social Media 2012 by The SEO Company
The State of Social Media 2012 by The SEO Company

2 Responses to “The State of Social Media in 2012”

  1. No one could ever claim social media is a stagnant industry. It's amazing how quickly things evolve and change. It will definitely be interesting to see how the second half of 2012 goes!

  2. C. David says:

    "Without social media it seems as though we would all be lost, wandering souls."

    Not really. Growing up in the age when the Internet was just starting, I remember all the time I wasted in dial-up chat rooms provided via the various walled gardens of the early Internet...and while that was a version 0.25 of social media, I'm not feeling that empty when I get up from the computer.

    I use computers at work all day, game on ones I've built or bought at night, but I also can walk away from it, turn it off, and actually talk to a person without the interlay of a digital screen. I can even drive a car without my smartphone in my hand, which is pretty awesome.

    It may be a source of "interesting" things, but it isn't the sole source. People, and the world they live in, generate all the *interesting* (or not so interesting) things out there. And if I don't want to connect with you, like one of my t-shirts says: "This isn't Facebook, and we're not friends."

    Of course, you could only see it in the real world, if you saw me wearing it.
    Tag, you're it.

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