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For #London2012|The term “spectator” no longer applies

Posted by Deanna Lawrence on May 1st, 2012 at 10:34 am

Social Media and staying connected will transform “The” Olympic experience to “My” Olympic experience.

The Olympic Athletes' Hub offers a hint at how social media will redefine the Olympic experience. The site was created by the International Olympic Committee and was designed to enable fans to effectively stay linked to social savvy athletes. Within the hub, social media content is aggregated from the athletes’ Facebook and Twitter feeds. The site rewards active fans with select videos and prizes.

More than 1000 Olympians have signed on to the Olympic Athletes' Hub

Mobile occasions and Olympic experiences that will engage and connect…

I have been thinking about London 2012 for some time. The city of London, the International Olympic Committee, and brands have tackled many of the challenges for what proves to be a very social and very mobile Olympics. Still, so much will change by enabling fans and their role in these Olympic Games.

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Consider this...

The 2012 Olympics must be thought of as more than a lead generation opportunity. Brands have a new position and a responsibility, not only creating a true extension of the brand within the experience, but also enabling people-to-people.

I am encouraging brands to stay very experience-focused, social and to establish an offering that is driven by the level of data that can also be extracted / put-into-play from the experience.

Today, sports fans are emotionally energized and connected. The term “spectator” no longer applies. Participating through sharing personal excitement, critiques and of course, suggestions, enables fans to be a real part of the experience.

Mobile...The physical experience ....the digital experience

I believe that a brand's true Olympic role is to offer service, resources and to be an enabler of everything (i.e. experiences, people-to-people, connections etc.).

During the games, visitors will be looking for a great deal of “other” Olympic moments, activities, and experiences to discover. For these folks, mobile will become a life-tool, enabling an ideal London Olympic experience and the ability to share it all.

Result: Original content for those who could not be there...

Source: TNS Mobile Life |Use of mobile for social networking within emerging Asia

Consider the needs of fans outside of London. For instance, followers in Asia will be looking for real content in real-time and will likely follow the games via a mobile device. Given the global adoption of social media, and anticipated levels of interaction, the ability to include original content and experiences from those with similar interests will create truly unique and far more emotional connections to fans experiencing the games from abroad.

...this is people-to-people!

Need a brilliant example?

Visit MINI UK... They are defining what it means to be a true ambassador of London. Offering a bit of enjoyment to the athletes and  great experiences for fans.

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