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When it Comes to Google, What Should SEO's Focus On?

Posted by Samantha DeVita on May 31st, 2012 at 12:16 pm

At R2integrated, we often get a lot of questions on how Google looks at your site, what ranking signals should you or should you not focus/worry about. So, here’s a quick and dirty list to help get you started.

Facebook Promoted Posts: What You Need to Know

Posted by Samantha DeVita on May 31st, 2012 at 12:05 pm

As you probably have already seen, Facebook started rolling out Promoted Posts for Brand Pages. Brands now have the option to pay $5, $10, $15 or $20 to have their post more visible to those who “like” their page. Boiling it down…this new feature allows businesses to pay for posts to show up in news feeds more prominently.

Creativing :: New Facebook Page features, the power of Open Graph, and 3-D printing’s legal dilemma

Posted by Doug Schumacher on May 31st, 2012 at 10:42 am

News pointing to the future of marketing, from the co-founder of content strategy tool Zuum.
Facebook Ads, Do They Work or Is GM Being Rash? Wrong Questions.
More thoughts on the GM/Facebook issue. This article makes a lot of points, but what I find most interesting is that Facebook continues to spend significantly on Facebook content ($30m/year), and Facebook paid advertising is designed to help them leverage that content investment. I don’t see how dropping the paid media component fits with their long-term Facebook strategy, unless it’s simply a temporary regrouping to get their paid media strategy tighter.
Via @haydn1701
Facebook Adds Post Scheduling For Pages
This should be great news for smaller businesses, many of whom use Facebook as their primary social media network.
Facebook introduces 5 tiers of page admin access
One of the most clearly-explained developments from Facebook in a while. This really makes sense, and I especially like how they’ve segmented the users.
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Brands Step Up Open Graph Efforts on Facebook
Why integrating Open Graph on your site is ultimately better than just going for page likes.
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Clive Thompson on 3-D Printing’s Legal Morass
3-D printing has to be one of the most remarkable consumer technologies on the horizon.
Via @Wired
‘Google Book’ Provides an Image for Every... Read more

Is Your Business Card “Cardworthy”?

Posted by Rob Ridgeway on May 31st, 2012 at 7:00 am

Years ago, a former marketing professor from the Gonzaga School of Business had given our class a few words of wisdom as we approached graduation weekend and were about to hit the pavement looking for jobs.  He said, “Dress sharp, get yourself a nice pair of dress shoes, polish up your resume and invest a little in a quality set of business cards.  It will set you apart from the competition.”  If you think about it, everything he said has to do with the first impression we’d make as first time job hunters.
Recently, I reflected back on these words and realized that his advice still holds true, except that my resume has been replaced with an informational brochure.  Yet it baffles me that as simple and straight forward as this advice might seem, I come across so many, yes,  “crappy” business cards.  Weeks or even months later as I’m thumbing through the pile of cards I’ve collected, the first thing I associate with the quality of the company, is the quality of their business card.  Mainly because I don’t remember much and this is the only... Read more

Facebook VS. Google [Infographic]

Posted by Drew Hendricks on May 30th, 2012 at 9:03 pm

How do you think Google and Facebook compare in terms of traffic, revenue, and corporate structure? After reading this infographic, you might be surprised. Take a look at these fascinating stats breaking down the social media giant and the world's most popular search engine, and review them in this head-to-head comparison.

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