I scanned my first QR code today

Posted by Lucia Davis on March 13th, 2012 at 10:06 am

Despite working in digital, I'm a somewhat slow adopter. My Facebook profile is not Timelined and I've never "checked in" anywhere (nor would I EVER unless it was really cool and I wanted to show off aka the Oval Office, Mount Everest...Foamhenge...*) What can I say? I hate change and extra work. QR codes fall into both of those categories.

*PSYCH! I've already been there. And I didn't check in.

Back in November, when Sean X Cummings wrote his blockbuster "Why the QR code is failing," I cheered him on. Passing fad, I thought. When I saw a tech-obsessed friend struggling to scan a QR code in downtown Los Angeles, I smirked and thought, laaaaaame! And yet, in a manner true to the process of scanning a QR code -- repetition, frustration, and disappointment -- I was finally compelled to download a QR code scanner onto my phone.

I opened a pack of gum and saw a QR code next to the words "You have been chosen." I'm sure they all say that, I thought at first. But then, a tiny voice -- the QR code fairy?? Puck? -- whispered into my ear, "What if you've won some sort of chewing gum lottery?" I could use a couple hundred dollars, I thought,The only thing standing in my way is my Luddite obstinacy! [Plus laziness and a need to change my iTunes password that I forgot -- Ed.]

Doesn't it seem like they're hinting at an all cash giveaway?

Does it seem like they're hinting at an all-cash giveaway? "You have been chosen"?? Come on.

And thus, the scanner was downloaded. I didn't win any money -- just a video with that bald guy from Lost that I couldn't figure out how to get sound for. Thwarted again! Things are different now though. I liked the QR codes piece Chloe wrote, "14 intriguing ways to use QR codes," for example (except for the Victoria's Secret one that I thought was sexist). I'll probably scan another QR code in the hopes that I will win money (the flame of hope burns eternal).

Fortunately, the hole of dislike left from suddenly not hating QR codes is quickly filling with the excellently coined "charity trolling" (Homeless hotspots anyone?)

NOTE: This post by no means implies I will stop enjoying WTF QR Codes...

7 Responses to “I scanned my first QR code today”

  1. loretta davis says:

    Funny. I have not downloaded any QR codes but I guess there is always hope.

  2. Lucia Davis says:

    hahaha mom...

  3. Jodi says:

    I'm with you! I too work in Digital and am a late adopter. QR codes are always a hot topic in our office. We all do enjoy WTF QR Codes as well.

  4. Stephanie says:

    I work in Digital too - we actually developed an app to scan QR codes. The app works wonderfully - but unfortunately WTFails happen (bad marketing!) and now it's the QRs fault. Womp womp!

    Big Red Pin QR Scanner for iPhone & Android :)

  5. Lucia Davis says:

    Thanks for reading, Jodi and Stephanie!! I feel like once you have a blog devoted to your mistakes, you've really made it in the internet world.

  6. rosemary Lawlor says:

    Fear I will never be "chosen"!!

  7. Kayley says:

    I work in the QR code industry, and I also enjoy WTF QR Codes. There are many, many ways to use QR Codes wrong, just as there are many ways to use them right. The key is to provide a reason for consumers to scan the code. This means providing additional content through the code that couldn't be provided otherwise. This is what SPARQCode specializes in with our mobile-optimized pages called SPARQ.MEs. These pages include mobile commercials, coupons, loyalty programs, and more. I hope that as you continue scanning QR Codes, you finds one less like those on WTF QR Codes and more like the ones our company makes. :)

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