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Streaming Video for Product Launches

Posted by Dan Roche on March 30th, 2012 at 11:52 am

Streaming video is dynamic. You can deliver a focused message that reaches your audience and drives sales. That’s the end goal after all, right? Although businesses are more receptive to the use of online video, we’ve all experienced clients, bosses or team members that are hesitant about implementation.

Target Content by Device

Posted by Daniel Flamberg on March 30th, 2012 at 11:51 am

Armed with smartphones, tablets and laptop/desktop computers, consumers are beginning to use each device to do distinct tasks. And while e-mail, Internet access, search, Facebook, music, photos and gaming are widely used on all three screens, increasingly consumers are turning to specific tools to accomplish specific things.
Smartphones are the all purpose in-motion utility device. The voice/text/audio recording tool replacing watches, alarm clocks, instant cameras, to-do lists, address books, PDAs, gameboys, calendars, weather 800 numbers and soon -- wallets. Tablets are becoming multi-dimensional infotainment centers. And personal computers, which are more likely than either phones or tablets to be shared devices, are serious tools for serious matters and the repository, or gateway to the cloud repository, of our key files and critical data.
The division of labor seems to a function of technical capabilities, psychology, demographics and habits. People are used to doing certain things on the go, like texting, calling, checking e-mail, tweeting, etc. Shopping is a mixed bag. According to PriceGrabber, 1 percent of on online shoppers will buy exclusively using a mobile device and another 45 percent will combine offline, online and mobile to make a purchase.  And while the number of these tasks is expanding to include payments,... Read more

“Where” may be more important than “who”

Posted by Peter Platt on March 30th, 2012 at 10:49 am

Finally, we can now safely say that the year of mobile has arrived. According to Nielsen, 50% of US mobile phone users now have smartphones. Looking at your web analytics you're probably seeing upwards of 5-10% of your traffic coming from mobile devices (for some industries that traffic can be significantly higher). Less than a year ago, sites were only seeing 1-2% of their traffic from mobile visitors.
It's time to jump on the bandwagon...It's time for a mobile site (or app) and you need it now.
Looking at the right things
Before you run out and start developing (or updating) your mobile presence, it's important to realize that mobile visitors aren't all the same, and their needs vary dramatically based on the device they are using.
Traditionally the biggest question most people have had when they look at web analytics is: Who are all these people that come to my site? However, for mobile visitors it's critical to step back and ask yourself what do they want and how they are seeing it. Then make sure they find what they need when they arrive.
Getting more granular, when you take a look at... Read more

How Customer Experience Optimization (CXO) Can Stretch Your Marketing Dollars

Posted by Mark Simpson on March 30th, 2012 at 9:19 am

Our marketing budgets are precious. It seems like most initiatives we marketers take are on expensive, scrutinized and sometimes, even tough to prove immediate ROI. But they are necessary to growing businesses, market share and brand awareness, and for most of us, our website, online e-commerce efforts sit at the heart of our marketing performance.
The truth is we could spend all day working on traffic acquisition strategies, spend thousands (even millions) of dollars on PPC, SEO and ad targeting, and launch the most advanced email marketing system fully integrated with our POS systems to drive people back to our website. Heck, some of us are still throwing a lot of budget and resources into direct mail and couponing. But, while all of these strategies may work, the puck does not stop there. Your marketing dollars must reach far beyond “more eyes on your website” and ensure conversion rates that turn those browsers into buyers, and turn your marketing dollars into revenue. And it starts with CXO.
CXO Defined
Customer Experience Optimization (CXO) is about making every experience with your brand matter. (Yes, I definitely want to do that!) CXO is dynamic, adaptive and specific to each customer’s interaction with your brand, while... Read more

Consider Digital Display's Scale Problem. Please.

Posted by Tom Hespos on March 30th, 2012 at 7:00 am

Good media buyers think about scale with every decision they make.
With algorithmic media buying as popular is it is now, scale is more important than it’s ever been.
Why?  Because it’s easy to develop a very complex system of logic rules that ultimately determine whether or not an advertiser will buy an RTB impression or not.  Layers and layers of choices are placed on top of one another, and the temptation is to construct a set of rules that hones in on the most desirable prospects for a product.
In the early days of the business, we called this “Overtargeting” – the limitation of scale through adopting a paralyzing set of ad targeting rules on a network buy.  (I’d link to the column where I first talked about this issue, but ClickZ has made it really difficult to find anything I wrote more than 10 years ago, so I’ll spare you.)
It’s not the year 2000 anymore.  It’s 2012, and digital display still has a scale problem.  And with each revelation through multi-campaign research studies, we find that one type of ad “works” marginally better than another.  And, of course, advertisers rush to throw out the ads that don’t work as well, and... Read more