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"Experimentation" Without Purpose Is Not Experimentation

Posted by Adam Broitman on February 6th, 2012 at 10:26 am

Do you remember the scientific process? It looks like this:

Scientific Process


Some executives in the marketing community tend towards the more creative aspects of the business, but even the creative marketer must recognize the scientific elements of marketing, or suffer severe losses—no matter how creative their ideas are.

I am currently working on a feature for iMedia and in it I talk about platform envy. My current platform envy gripe is around the "brand-grab" on Pinterest. Have we learned nothing from social platforms past? Have we not learned that a thoughtless presence is NOT better than no presence? I am all for experimentation but, experiments are science, not art!

Take a look at what the top brands are doing on Pinterest. Some are doing interesting, value adding, content driven things. Others are create just plain garbage--“me too” initiatives that are not only uncreative, they lack strategy and any ability to achieve the types of benefits from what a “test and learn” environment can bring.

I plead with you, my fellow advertisers and marketers. Create a plan. Devise a test and learn scenario in which the learnings are more substantive than,  “thoughtless use of product shots and logos do not work on Pinterest”.


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