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"Couch Commerce" Calls for Better Mobile, Tablet Tailoring

Posted by Rob Gatto on December 7th, 2011 at 1:57 pm

If this year’s early holiday shopping trends prove one thing, it’s that consumers kicked off the season from the couch with their tablets in hand. According to Black Friday and Cyber Monday data we gathered this year from digital circular sites powered by PointRoll’s ShopLocal technology, used by some of the nation’s largest retailers including 8 of the top 10, consumers accessed significantly more shopping deals from mobile devices and tablets than ever before.

As technology continues to change consumer shopping behavior, retailers responded in full force this year. Consumers visited circular sites from mobile devices 60% more than last year on Black Friday and a staggering 149% more on Cyber Monday. We saw the same trend with tablets as well with a 124% increase in iPad visits on Black Friday and a 233% increase in iPad visits on Cyber Monday. Additionally, IBM found that iPad users purchased nearly twice as much as people using mobile devices.

This holiday season marketers need to adjust their campaigns across individual devices and take “couch commerce” seriously. Tailoring advertising by device means more than just shrinking ads to fit a mobile screen or inserting 15-second television spots into pre-roll ads. Tailoring means managing messages, creative and delivery to better engage with consumers. Mobile and tablet advertising offer many interactive features that make so much sense around the holiday shopping season. Locally targeted ads can drive consumers into the nearest retail location or offer location-based deals customized for individual consumers. With eMarketer forecasting that one in three online consumers will use a tablet by 2014, it is essential for retailers to tailor their content and advertising to individual platforms to be successful in reaching consumers.

Overall, we saw record numbers with our ShopLocal product suite this year. Here’s an infographic of the results we saw specifically with pre-Black Friday shopping this year:

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