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Google+ Business Pages: How they Compare to Facebook for Brands

Posted by David Clarke on November 30th, 2011 at 9:45 am

This long-anticipated announcement by Google caused a stir due to the fast adoption of Google+ for individuals and seemingly endless possibilities for advertisers with Google’s robust service offerings.

Google+ Business Pages reflect what works on Facebook and Twitter for brands: they allow users to choose to follow your brand on general terms (similar to Facebook) and/or niche terms through "circles," while also enabling companies to create photo albums and share videos. One feature that promotes user experience on the brand’s Google+ page is the ease of integrating and promoting different social pages, websites and/or microsites.

So how do Google+ business pages compare to Facebook for Brands?

In the near-term, because Facebook already has the users (800 million vs. 40 million for Google+), it will remain as the number one social destination to reach your brand's target audience,

Going forward though, Google+ has significant advantage over Facebook through its existing service mix. Search, Direct Connect, YouTube, Android, Chrome and Gmail can all be integrated within Google+, whereas Facebook's service offerings are rather limited when compared to Google's. For that reason, it's worth paying attention to Google+ for your brand.

My advice would be to create your brand's Google+ page and integrate it into your social-media strategy. Keep a close watch on Google+ as it's still in its early days and it may take some time before consumers utilize this platform as they do Facebook, Twitter and other mainstream social-media channels.

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