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Understanding The Convergence of Mobile and Social via Photos

Posted by Deanna Lawrence on November 23rd, 2011 at 10:53 am

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Social Media is a perpetual celebration of Life… Mobile is it’s Pulse

I was recently asked, “When was the last time you looked at a brand on mobile?” Immediately, I thought of a picture that was snapped and shared. A MINI Cooper with a Red Bull can attached. The image was snapped via mobile and uploaded to Facebook. Next...viewed, commented on and re-shared on Facebook. Once again, each step, via Mobile. The convergence of mobile and social is now.   Brands have learned to trust people with their image, but are now tasked with using "original" content and enabling incredible people-to-people connections.  Nothing supports this idea more clearly than photos.

Snapping a mobile picture allows us to capture a moment, share a memory and create an endearing connection. The convergence of mobile and social media makes sharing these occasions effortless. Intensifying our wish to share...a reciprocal process. Our excitement for sharing a bit of our world is combined with our curiosity to see what everyone is up to.

A moment as Sieci is "Changing Colours" via Martina Ruini [iPhone] shared via Facebook

When you see a great photo, you feel closer, more caught up with the image than with text. Images open up your heart and tell a bigger story. Martina captured a beautiful moment with her iPhone. Immediately uploading her magnificent image to Facebook, Martina initiated a response from friends creating an emotional moment for everyone to share.

A look at photo sharing via iPhone

1,307,857 iPhone photos reveal how, when and where iPhone users take photos. Infographic via

Source: Dear Future Astronaut NY

Phenomenal Photo Sharing

Artist Erik Kessels has created an incredible exhibit that features one million images and photos we uploaded to Flickr, Facebook and Google within a 24 hour period. Extraordinary Image Credit: Erik Kessels via

We are curious…

We love conversation and comments. We want to be heard and understood. Photos create a message that is not lost in translation and instantly inspires a reaction. Within mobile and social, brands must enable the voice of people. Images offer an ideal way for brands and people to connect. Recent updates to Facebook photos allows you to add captions and location details to photos immediately. Most are taken and uploaded via mobile.

  • On average people are uploading more than 250 million photos on Facebook every day.
  • More than 350 million active users now access Facebook through their mobile devices

This week at the GSMA Mobile Asia Congress, Facebook’s VP for partnerships and corporate development, Vaughan Smith, spoke about their expectations for mobile. “We expect our next billion users will come primarily on mobile”. It is likely that photo sharing will become an important element of Facebook’s mobile growth scenario.

Other photo sharing sources

Skylines analyzed over 24 million photos that were posted to Twitter between October 22 to October 29, shared through Instagram, Twitpic, Twitter’s own photo sharing service and Yfrog.

So, when was the last time you looked at a brand on mobile? Have a look at the number of photos uploaded to Coca-Cola's Facebook page. How many do you think were taken and shared via mobile?

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