Follow Mom’s Advice for Social Media Success: Part Three

Posted by Linda Fisk on November 2nd, 2011 at 10:19 am

I now realize that my mom held great insight about the dynamics human behavior and shared valuable societal insights during our family dinners together. And, mom’s wisdom surprisingly applicable in social media strategy.

Remember those times when you were slow to respond to a question posed by your mom? Perhaps you weren’t anxious to relay a story to your mom, so you were trying to stall before answering. If you were like me, your mom wouldn’t let you get away with skirting the issue and would tell you to “Answer me now!”

Mom was offering a really fundamental lesson during those exchanges. I think most people want to feel that they are being heard. They want to know that you’re paying attention and listening to them. This is especially true in the realm of social media. In fact, the time it takes you to appropriately respond to a customer is an important indication of your overall success.

Social media provides a platform for your brand to be discussed and it gives customers a reason to interact with your brand and offer their thoughts and feelings. Your success will be impacted significantly based on your ability to listen to those customers and respond accordingly. Simple recognition, in a timely manner, is a great way to make a real connection and nurture loyalty and advocacy.

Guess mom was right!

2 Responses to “Follow Mom’s Advice for Social Media Success: Part Three”

  1. Great analogy! I have to agree that mom was right. People want to know that you are listening and acknowledge their questions in a timely manner. The worst thing you can do is pretend you didn't hear them.

  2. Linda Fisk says:

    Thanks so much, Nick. I agree! Appreciate your good thoughts and comments!

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