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Would you give up your shower and shoes for your mobile phone?

Posted by Glenn Pingul on November 30th, 2011 at 1:23 pm

A flushing toilet in exchange for Facebook? Air conditioning in lieu of Angry Birds? Ranking a list of your most appreciated items is no easy task but when the London Science Museum asked 3,000 British adults to do just that, the results were astonishing.  Only four items ranked above Facebook in terms of appreciation – sunshine, the Internet, clean drinking water, and a fridge – and the mobile phone came in at number ten, ranking just below a flushing toilet!
There were some other shockers as well, including a push-up bra beating out a freezer and painkillers ranking higher than fresh fruit and vegetables. But outside of creating a few gasps and giggles, what can we really learn from this? The appreciation for an Internet connection, Facebook, Email, and mobile phones/smartphones shows the degree of influence that the digital world is having on our culture. As more people shift their behavior in favor of what the digital world has to offer, e.g. a two-click Black Friday purchase from your iPhone versus lining up in front of Target at 4 a.m., sending a neighbor a Facebook message versus knocking on their door to invite them... Read more

If the recipe for success is content marketing, isn’t copy the main ingredient?

Posted by Barry Feldman on November 30th, 2011 at 1:21 pm

Your marketing plan going forward is a recipe where content marketing is bound to be the entrée. So don’t skimp on the main ingredient. Put a professional in charge of cooking the content.

Ten Years On.

Posted by Doug Weaver on November 30th, 2011 at 10:36 am

I'm reading the conference agenda and I'm pretty engaged by the topics. "Interactive Brand Building: Where Next?"… "Rethinking the Rules: Managing Buyer-Seller Interaction"… "Common Currency: Developing Metrics and Measurement to Enable Cross Media Evaluation"… "Interactive and the Agency: Making Interactive a Profitable and Successful Medium for Madison Avenue."  Sure sound like the right high-level topics to me. Not caught in the weeds of the latest microtargeting and data tactics. Just leadership on the issues that will continue to drive the digital channel forward.
Want to go? Well then, rev up the Way-Back machine, Sherman, because this is the agenda from the very first iMedia Summit which took pace ten years ago last week in Park City, Utah. Mark Zuckerberg was starting his senior year of high school, Google was three years old (and three years away from its IPO), and Barack Obama was a lawyer and community activist still smarting from his failed congressional campaign the year before.
Want to view the original iMedia Summit program and roster of attendees? You can see it here. And if you were in attendance at that first event, I'd love to get your thoughts and recollections in the comments section below.
While the iMedia brand is still going quite strong (there are both... Read more

Google+ Business Pages: How they Compare to Facebook for Brands

Posted by David Clarke on November 30th, 2011 at 9:45 am

This long-anticipated announcement by Google caused a stir due to the fast adoption of Google+ for individuals and seemingly endless possibilities for advertisers with Google’s robust service offerings.
Google+ Business Pages reflect what works on Facebook and Twitter for brands: they allow users to choose to follow your brand on general terms (similar to Facebook) and/or niche terms through "circles," while also enabling companies to create photo albums and share videos. One feature that promotes user experience on the brand’s Google+ page is the ease of integrating and promoting different social pages, websites and/or microsites.
So how do Google+ business pages compare to Facebook for Brands?
In the near-term, because Facebook already has the users (800 million vs. 40 million for Google+), it will remain as the number one social destination to reach your brand's target audience,
Going forward though, Google+ has significant advantage over Facebook through its existing service mix. Search, Direct Connect, YouTube, Android, Chrome and Gmail can all be integrated within Google+, whereas Facebook's service offerings are rather limited when compared to Google's. For that reason, it's worth paying attention to Google+ for your brand.
My advice would be to create your brand's Google+ page and integrate it into your social-media... Read more

"Armor" for your creative department

Posted by Timofey Yuriev on November 29th, 2011 at 1:09 pm

"If you wish for peace, prepare for war"- Publius Flavius Vegetius Renatus's

When a neurosurgeon is performing an operation on the brain, you will not see any of the hospital’s business management personnel trying to advise him what tools to use and where to cut. But when a professional designer tries to replace one type of font with another or use a slightly different color in the presentation/website, etc., then often we see a lot of hands from the so called “professionals” specializing in business of visual communications by mostly drawing the little funny pictures when no one sees them.

Each one of us has had plenty of these kinds of frustrating experiences. Just ask any of the leading designers or creative professionals such as Paula Sher («Make It Bigger») or Stefan Sagmeister - if they would work with a client who tries to tell them what colors to use in their work.