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"The Story" + the conversation…

Posted by Lisa Ostrikoff on October 8th, 2011 at 4:43 pm

The Story... a never to be underestimated starting point.  A captivating tale to get a message across... and one that gets people talking.

I learned this early on, the first day I entered broadcasting... it's always about 'the story'. Telling a tale that flows, that connects, that resonates... *and* that sparks conversation once 'the story' itself, has reached it's end. This is evident today more than ever, with the rise of social media - where it's not just about "The Story" anymore...  but almost more importantly, the *conversation* surrounding the story.

It's easy to gauge what gets people talking... RT'ing, "sharing", "liking" while adding their own thoughts to the original tale... These types of conversations can offer a lot of value to those participating, and especially to the original storyteller.
Feedback from our communities = invaluable.
This is happening more now than ever on these evolving platforms we all spend so much time on.

What 'story' are you telling...
... + does it get people talking?

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One Response to “"The Story" + the conversation…”

  1. Gord Birch says:

    I like your 'story' story - the beginning, I think so you can 'continue' - well I like contribution and I love to converse. I write, I have written all my life and I have so many stories to tell. My father, who is a great story teller, says that I will be the best in our family, because I have gone through just 'so much more'

    My blog has a couple of 'recurring' themes in it that I continue to tell. There is one of abuse that I started, and repeated only once. The blog started as an outlet to get over my PTSD caused by my abuse, but I never did continue writing about it, although I accept it well.

    So not sure what more to comment, but I like your blog so far.

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