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Ad Technology Seconds That Emotion

Posted by Marla Schimke on October 31st, 2011 at 11:31 am

For years digital marketers have worked toward the day when advertising was so relevant that it became viable content on its own.  And, in many ways, we’re knocking on that door. And right behind this achievement is the same kind of emotional experience that accompanies shopping—satisfaction, deal hunting and, especially this time of year, finding that perfect gift. So, instead of braving crowds at the old brick and mortar outlets, more and more consumers are venturing to e-commerce and m-commerce for their shopping, instinctively perusing websites and making shopping lists.
Advances in technology have helped create greater levels of interactivity, efficiency and control for today’s online shoppers. Still, that experience has to compete with the nostalgia of walking through a local mall, soaking up the overall experience of shopping in stores. The key toward progress in this area depends on identifying the specific emotional appeal to individual consumers and replicating that emotion in the online experience.
The inability to do this was one of the first criticisms online advertising faced when it emerged over 15 years ago. Critics said it lacked “emotion” compared to more traditional advertising models. In many ways they were right. Telling an engaging or compelling story using what... Read more

YouTube It; You Rank for It – Improve Your YouTube Rankings

Posted by Chris Adams on October 31st, 2011 at 10:06 am

A shift has occurred over the past few years - people are now searching on YouTube for business videos. Learn how to gain a competitive advantage in organic search by improving your YouTube rankings and increasing your web presence.

Trick or Treat: Learning from the Ghostbusters Gang

Posted by Julie Roehm on October 28th, 2011 at 1:52 pm

I love Halloween. Something about the decorations, old horror movies on TV, make-believe, and candy all coupled in my favorite season of the year make it fun. And in keeping with that theme, I wanted to write a blog post that wrapped in some fun while maybe offering some good advice. So as I was reading my Twitter feed on one of my flights this week, I stumbled upon this graphic:

Check it out here.
I like the sentiment in here but would offer my own take on a couple of them. Let's take them in order.
1. Don't Be Afraid to Cross the Streams: I love this one. It could have said "1+1=3" or "Teamwork Works" but I like the Ghostbuster spin.
2. Keep Your Ghosts Contained: I agree with the headline but not with their advice. I do not think you should contain the issues that bother you most. I think you should face your fears and deal with them. If you have ghosts that make you afraid of making a move or coloring outside of the lines then see a shrink but don't stop pushing. Mediocrity kills the spirit.
3. Go With Your Gut: Amen. You have likely read "Blink" by Malcolm... Read more

iMedia is looking for a design/code intern

Posted by Gretchen Hyman on October 28th, 2011 at 10:51 am

Are you enthusiastic, creative, and equipped with a design background? Then iMedia Connection may be the right fit for you! We are a fast-paced, laid back digital trade publication looking to hire an intern for 20 hours a week. You will be working on coding/designing newsletters, and designing banners and images for our website.
We are located in Culver City, near Sony Studios, and have delicious Bagel Thursdays and lots of snacks!
-          Adobe Photoshop
-          Adobe Illustrator
-          HTML / CSS
-          Design experience ( bonus )
-          Email HTML / Templates ( bonus )
-          Adobe Flash ( bonus )
-          An eagerness to learn!
 This is a part-time paid internship. Please email a cover letter, resume, and a portfolio to
 Thank you!

Experiential Buying Behavior Takes B2B Center Stage

Posted by Tony Zambito on October 28th, 2011 at 10:09 am

Image by davidking via Flickr
In my previous article, Enhance the Buyer Experience with Intelligent Engagement, I referenced a trend I called Experiential Buying.  Buyer behaviors in B2B marketplaces are shifting tremendously towards more holistic experiential expectations that defy the conventional straight re-buy, modified re-buy, and new buy behaviors of the past.  Buyer expectations have increased with regards to the experiences they undergo as well as desire.
In simplistic generalities, we can take a view of two experience categories that B2B buyers may seek:
Self-Enabled Buying
In this situation, a buyer may want to experience a re-buy that reaffirms his or her decision to continue a relationship.  Even in modified re-buy situations, the buyer may be looking for an experience where they can perform the modifications themselves.  The difference in the modern social age is that buyer expectations have changed.  If companies have not adapted their businesses to enhanced online and social capabilities, they may very well be placing artificial barriers in front of their buyers who are seeking an entirely different straight re-buy or modified re-buy experience than in the past.  As consumer-like experiences become more desired in business marketplaces, companies will need to rethink many aspects of their sales and service... Read more