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Why Big Brands Need to Seriously Consider Google Analytics Premium

Posted by Brian Easter on September 29th, 2011 at 3:08 pm

Google has just released Google Analytics Premium, positioning it as a marketing analytics platform best suited to big brands and large enterprises. What does this product mean for a typical CIO or CMO?

Overall, the benefits of Google Analytics Premium are especially relevant to enterprise level organizations that may have balked at leveraging Google Analytics Standard Edition. In the past, these firms may have put off using Google Analytics Standard because of:

  • Data limits. For organizations with hundreds of millions of hits per month, Google Analytics Standard Edition’s 10 million hit limit was restricting.
  • Lack of service level agreements. No matter how robust a platform may be, enterprise organizations are held to some of the highest up-time and technical standards. Since Google Analytics Standard Edition does not have an SLA, it would not be considered.
  • Support issues. While Google is one of the biggest, baddest brands out there, that does not mean anything to a marketer who uses analytics to manage and track millions of marketing dollars in real time. When that level of investment is at stake, anything less than 24/7/365 support is unacceptable.
  • Brand perception. One of Google Analytics Standard’s benefits is that it is free. But a free product can make cautious enterprises wary. If it’s free, do you get what you pay for?

Google Analytics Premium appears to remedy many of these issues and become a powerful marketing analytics tool for enterprise environments. Here’s the quick scoop on what your enterprise organization needs to know.

Data Processing and Advanced Tools

Google Analytics Premium extends processing to a billion hits per month and up to 50 custom variables. In addition, faster intra-day processing gives marketers and analysts the ability to find insights and optimize their marketing efforts in a shorter time-frame. Marketers won’t need to wait days to see if their campaigns made an impact. Instead, results are seen within hours.

These processing enhancements cover organizations with high volume websites and mobile activity, and they accommodate a much higher variety of variables (50) to help create and measure sophisticated marketing campaigns. For example, as organizations grow and departments are added, the complexities of web analytics increase drastically as additional stakeholders have their own internal goals.

Also, Google Analytics Premium features the ability to download unsampled data. Unsampled data downloads gives analysts the ability to database their web analytics data and perform advanced analysis outside of the platform itself. The advanced tools also include attribution modeling for multi-channel funnels. Attribution modeling provides marketers the ability to forecast campaign effectiveness, using past campaign results and experimental investments across different marketing channels.

Another great feature is that enterprises can now use Google Analytics Premium to get data from Google AdWords, all in one platform. This makes it easier to perform marketing analysis all through one interface (instead of playing around with different spreadsheets).

Service Level Agreement

To reassure organizations that they will have access to their data when they need it, Google Analytics Premium also has an SLA (Service Level Agreement) that fits with the high demands of enterprise organizations. It includes:

  • 99.9% on collection up-time
  • 99% on reporting up-time
  • 98% on-time data freshness within 4 hours

In addition, you own your data and can download all of it. This aspect of Google Analytics Premium is reassuring to those heavily concerned with uptime and compliance.

Dedicated Support

With Google Analytics Premium, you receive dedicated account management and phone and email support. It also includes implementation consulting and a tagging audit, along with both live and webinar custom training. If applicable, these account managers will also help you transition off of your existing platforms to Google.

For those concerned about emergency support, Google Analytics Premium provides 24/7 product emergency escalation support if there is a high priority issue past usual business hours. This means that businesses will have an extremely high level of support, both through the support that Google provides directly and with the access to support from the Google Analytics Certified Partner network.

In Summary

Google Analytics Premium is a huge step in the right direction for the analytics industry. Analysts and marketers now have the ability to leverage the amazing innovations that Google Analytics has recently developed (such as Real-Time reporting), and enterprises can be encouraged knowing that future Google Analytics innovations will immediately and seamlessly roll out to their marketing departments.

By Brian Easter

As CEO of Nebo Agency, Easter brings extensive international experience to his role along with a proven track record of helping organizations reach their interactive marketing objectives. He has worked with his business partner, Adam Harrell, to lead Nebo to explosive growth, attracting Fortune 500 clients and driving strategic partnerships which have fueled expansion. He works hard to be an advocate of the interactive marketing industry and frequently writes and speaks about capturing the power and potential of online marketing. His articles have been regularly featured in Ad Age, iMedia, Social Media Today, Promotion World, and other industry publications.

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