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It's the User Experience, Stupid

Posted by Roger Marquis on April 28th, 2011 at 11:14 am

This photograph was sent to me by Patrick Donnelly of QRArts, and illustrates the point that user experience should and must be on top of mind when developing and implementing a 2D barcode-based advertisement or campaign.

Let me set the scene. The billboard is located on the second floor of a suburban shopping mall and faces a floor-through opening. If you enlarge the image and look close enough, in the upper right hand corner of the yellow section, you'll find a QR Code. Why or how the company that placed this ad believes that they are going to get a significant number of scans, if any, is beyond me. Have they ever heard of the user experience or thought about media placement in relation to the created ad or vice versa?

Regardless of how great the scan resolve may or may not be, in reality, it's virtually meaningless, because not enough thought was given to one simple, but very important, element of the campaign...the user experience.

2 Responses to “It's the User Experience, Stupid”

  1. John Haake says:

    Give me a break. Do you think they designed the poster for this specific location?

    • Jos says:

      I don't think they designed the poster for that specific location - but surely part of taking any client brief is to understand the environment and execution parameters?

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