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Ice Cream Bars Hate Women

Posted by Osas Obaiza on April 28th, 2011 at 3:11 pm

This new spot from Klondike doesn't look to play well with the female demographic. You would think that a chocolate company would be the last brand type to take a jab at women and instigate age-old advertising stereotypes. I mean isn't it scientifically proven that women tend to indulge in chocolate more than men by a large number. Are they trying to branch out and get that hard-to-reach demo of 18-49 year old males? Whatever their reasoning was, this video is pretty lazy marketing, but the expression on this guys face is almost worth it.

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5 Responses to “Ice Cream Bars Hate Women”

  1. Charlie Ray says:

    Wow. Who is their agency? We should all be calling on Klondike with some ideas that are not cringe-worthy bad.

    Knowing how many approvals it takes just to get a run of the mill banner ad campaign running I cannot believe someone did not speak up and show them the definition of chauvinism and misogyny.

  2. Michelle says:

    Agreed that this is a terrible spot, mostly because of the sexist nature of it, but it's also just silly. I'm a fan of the Skinny Cow ice creams personally, and won't be trying Klondike bars any time soon. They should be embarrased by this.

  3. annie says:

    Agree. What the hell were they thinking?

    This spot offends me.

  4. shelby says:

    I'm not offended at all! As a marketer, clearly this wasn't smart, but its pretty funny. I'm sure someone's job is under review. The look the wife gives the green clad nymph at the end is classic.

  5. Osas Obaiza says:

    The agency is called Via Agency for those who were wondering. And thanks for the great comments!

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