Do Something Crazy

Posted by Jeff Hayzlett on February 28th, 2011 at 8:13 am

Are you using your social media tools to their highest potential?  There are many tools out there. But, for business, LinkedIn is tops.

With that being said… Have you checked your LinkedIn profile today?  If not, maybe you should.

In today’s changing business world, it’s important to stay in contact. I was shocked the other day with I was reviewing correspondence from LinkedIn. Last year, a whopping 17% of my connections changed jobs. Then, I started to panic. Did I remember to send each of them a personal note congratulating them on their change?

It’s all about creating good habits and sticking with them. I recently wrote about the power of thank you. The same principles apply here.

Set the tone with your connections right away.  Let your connections know that you are an open networker and then be one.  I am not just talking about LinkedIn, but any type of networking tool.  Determine whom you want to connect with. Keep in mind, the connections you have on LinkedIn may be very different than those on Facebook or those you follow on Twitter. Lucky for you, your updates and ways of reaching out can be connected simultaneously through all three tools.

Now, drive engagement with your network.  Do something crazy! Heck, I threw a virtual Christmas party!  I did that and we sure had a blast! We gave away a bunch of prizes and exchanged Christmas memories while sitting at our desks all over the country. All with no worries about what to wear or how to get home! Making networking FUN will make it that much easier to stay in touch with people because it shows off YOUR personality.  Be transparent. Be yourself. It will make YOU standout.

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