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Posted by Bob Wheatley on January 31st, 2011 at 3:58 pm

By Robert Wheatley

One of the greatest marketing evolutions in the Internet era: brands have acquired the ability to be content creators – publishers, producers of their own media. This fits perfectly with the other great strategic upheaval -- brands can no longer simply imprint messages and attempt to exert “control” over consumer behavior by pushing messages at consumers.
As I write this, many brands still believe this will work.
The brand/consumer relationship is tougher to build now and demands a more selfless form of engagement. It requires singular devotion to understanding and mining relevance to the consumer’s lifestyle interests and passions. Brands-that-matter to their users can earn permission for a relationship by connecting tangibly, emotionally to activities and interests their consumer already cares about.
So doesn’t it stand to reason that working hard to become a source of valuable, interesting, engaging, entertaining information about these lifestyle passions could be important? For a fashion or jewelry brand it’s the opportunity to tap into that creative self-expression that is at the core of what drives a fashion-focused person. For the food brand it might be enabling the culinary creativity, learning and emotional payoff going on everyday in the kitchen (experimenting with new dishes, tastes and... Read more

Free LinkedIn Companies Strategic Toolkit

Posted by Adam Kleinberg on January 29th, 2011 at 10:32 pm

My agency has created a LinkedIn Companies Strategic Toolkit that we are using to help our clients be strategic and make the most of this new feature. We've also decided to share it. So, take it. Yes, it's free. Just download it here.

Orabrush CMO Jeff Harmon (Concl): Top Tips For Mastering YouTube Marketing

Posted by Rick Mathieson on January 29th, 2011 at 1:07 am

Orabrush has now officially passed Sims and Apple to become the second most subscribed YouTube Channel. And last, Orabrush is launching an interactive video featuring Morgan the Dirty Tongue that enables users to make Morgan dance using the numerical keys on their keyboards. If you ask Salar Kamangar, co-head of YouTube, these are both just indicators of why Orabrush is the kind of brand custom built for YouTube success.
As he recently told Brand Channel, Orabrush is “the type of product you can’t sell with search, you can’t sell with display, but it’s uniquely able to sell because of the power of video’s medium. These are user-choice ads, things that people are choosing to click on.”
In the conclusion of my recent interview with CMO Jeffrey Harmon - the man behind Orabrush's ridiculous (and by "ridiculous," I mean "massively successful") YouTube channel, he shares his perspective on Kamangar's contention.
And he shares how other marketers can start tapping into the power of YouTube videos, too.
Audio Interview: Orabrush CMO Jeff Harmon (Concl): Top Tips for Mastering YouTube Marketing
(Approx. 2:47)
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Be Skeptical of Facebook Sponsored Stories

Posted by Daniel Flamberg on January 28th, 2011 at 11:15 pm

It’s Zuckerberg’s world; we just live in it. The Facebook founder wants to connect the world so long as the thread runs through his bank account.
The latest manipulation of the social graph has Z & Company pimping “Likers” by charging brands to turn them into brand shills.  The newest advertising product called   Sponsored Stories shakes down brands for access to the most valuable real estate on Facebook.
The idea is that when somebody “Likes” a brand, checks in or posts a favorable comment, a brand can buy that comment and re-post it as a Sponsored Story in the column to the right of the News Feed. This second posting would appear on the pages of your Facebook friends.
To understand this new development, consider some operational Facebook realities.

Ads on Facebook are wildly ineffective. Users ignore and resent them.
Each person’s news feed is where all the action takes place.
The average user has 130 friends. Accessing this multiplier is the goal.
Facebook automates and accelerates old fashion word-of-mouth advertising.
Individuals now have the option, via Groups, to decide who sees what.
Facebook has changed the technical parameters of “Like” and “Share.”
Data sharing, analysis and customer insight isn’t Facebook’s long suit.
Facebook has agencies and brands over a barrel

Cutting... Read more

Mobile Trends That Will Accelerate in 2011

Posted by Mark Roth on January 28th, 2011 at 6:27 pm

As CEO of the first performance/CPA-based mobile marketing company, people often ask me what my predictions for the mobile ecosystem will be in 2011. First, I want to draw some parallels to the world of the internet and how it developed early on. It wasn’t until certain factors converged that things really started to accelerate. With the internet, that had a lot to do with broadband adoption. When the adoption of broadband became previlant, we saw things really start to take off, like getting all the pieces of the puzzle in place. As for mobile, there was a couple pieces of the puzzle to work with; one being 3G adoption, a key piece that’s been in place for a few years now, the other being the introduction of the smartphone, beginning with the iPhone becoming a big factor in what everyone perceived what mobile could be.
The major trent for  2011 is likely to be a drastic increase in smartphone adoption and usage. The impact of  smartphone adoption will have profound implications on he mobile marketing industry. Right now in the U.S. about 25% of the market consists of smartphones., It is likely that by the end of 2011, we’ll see... Read more