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How to Win Like "The Social Network"

Posted by Lisa Wehr on January 18th, 2011 at 7:16 pm

The Facebook film, “The Social Network,” scored huge at the recent 68th Golden Globe Awards, winning four trophies: Best Director, Best Original Score, Best Screenplay and Best Picture (Drama). As one of the top winners at the awards, this Hollywood hit is sure to gain even more popularity.

So how can you mimic the awards of “The Social Network” to better your web presence?

Website design, social media and search marketing may not win you a Golden Globe, but it can certainly win you customers and accounts.

  • Best Director: Having great leadership in your business is key for executing award-wining work. Make sure you have the right people leading your digital marketing strategies.
  • Best Original Score: Give your audience something to listen to, or rather, give them something they want to listen to. In your corporate blog, post relevant and informative content—providing your readers with takeaways. The same should apply with your Facebook posts and Tweets. Be sure to construct a solid social media strategy that fits the needs of your friends, followers and customers.
  • Best Screenplay: Content, content, content! The copy on your website needs to be structured so that it intrigues visitors, yet also helps your site position well on search results pages. Award-winning copywriting is certainly something to strive for this New Year.
  • Best Picture: Graphics! Make sure your images illustrate the content you have displayed on your web properties. You won’t come close to receiving a nomination if you have photos or graphics that don’t relate to the content on your site, YouTube channel, Facebook page, etc.

Get ready to win in 2011!

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