Validating Data and Monitoring Compliance– DoubleVerify Trust Index

Posted by Jeff Hirsch on October 28th, 2010 at 3:09 pm

AudienceScience was recently named as one of the ten most compliant advertising networks in an in-depth study by DoubleVerify. DoubleVerify’s Trust Index is a report of industry compliance benchmarks designed to help advertisers, agencies, publishers, networks and platforms evaluate online display ad campaign performance. The Trust Index provides insight into compliance and brand safety in online advertising based on extensive metrics across campaigns analyzed by DoubleVerify.

Essentially, the Trust Index is about ensuring ads are running alongside quality content. Brands don’t want to be associated with inappropriate content or untrustworthy sites, but often don’t have insight into where they are being placed via third party platforms. DoubleVerify monitors those platforms for compliance so that advertisers can protect their images as well as make informed decisions regarding performance evaluation.

Requiring the same quality measures on the data side is equally important to protecting brands and optimizing campaigns. Because we as an industry have access to an overwhelming amount of data, marketers often end up including all the data they can get their hands on in their targeting efforts, because there is no time or ability to parse through it all. This can severely dilute your efforts because all too often that data is not qualified to meet your specific audience needs, nor verified that it comes from quality sources. You could be wasting efforts on useless data, you could be using data you don’t have clear rights to use, and you could be violating privacy regulations without even knowing it.

That’s why it is important to implement measures to verify both the accuracy and safety of your data, and ensure that your partners do the same. On our part, we offer a program called the Quality Data Guarantee, which outlines measures for verifying all incoming data, and guarantees our partners and customers that we are conducting a thorough review of the quality of that data on their behalf. This program goes a long way toward gaining the necessary confidence in the data you use, and are vital to protecting the integrity of your marketing practices and the efficacy of your initiatives.

As noted in the report, non-compliance issues continue to exist in most aspects of the market, however, the report shows an overall shift toward making the industry a more trustworthy place. We, along with many of our fellow display advertising companies are dedicating resources to protecting brands and ensuring compliance, and the impact across everyday campaign performance is clear.

To see the full report, please visit http://www.doubleverify.com/trust-index-1h-2010/

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