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Creativing :: Stylized Google Maps, the top 25 Pages on Facebook, and how to design a good UX

Posted by Doug Schumacher on October 28th, 2010 at 6:21 pm

The latest in content development trends for digital marketing:

Five Great Styled Maps Examples

If you think maps have to look boring, check out these stylized Google maps.

5 Innovative Uses of an API [Mashable Awards]

Perhaps as interesting as the API capabilities are the stories around them.

The 25 Most Liked Pages on Facebook, Fall 2010

A couple of things I find remarkable. 4 of the top 25 are non-entertainment brands (well, YouTube is sort of non-entertainment). But perhaps most amazing is that Oreo’s was in the top 25. That’s unreal when you think of all the sports, entertainment and celebrity brands they’re competing with.

The Commuter: A Short Film Shot Entirely With the Nokia N8

Given this was shot on a phone, it’s pretty amazing.

Survey Finds College Students Love Laptops But Not eReaders, Facebook But Not Twitter

I’m not sure how much college students reflect the rest of the country, or even the future of things, given it’s such an isolated time in life (and beautifully so). But what I do find interesting is their use of social media. Almost entirely Facebook, and for primarily social reasons. As many who use Twitter know, it’s a powerful outreach vehicle, but isn’t designed for ongoing communication. And given Twitter’s push towards mass push communications, things will probably stay that way.

Connect Your Car to the Web With AutoBot

This is a great idea, and I’m again surprised one of the car companies, with all their R&D resources, doesn’t do something like this. It would be a great CRM vehicle (sorry) to their customers, display some innovative thinking, and get them a lot of good press.

How to Design a Great User Interface | Webdesigner Depot

User Experience seems like that last frontier of marketing. At least it’s where I see some of the most powerful ideas crumble in a mass of user confusion. You don’t have to be a UX designer to benefit from this. In fact, it’s something the entire company should be aware of.

Mint Data Delivers A View Into The Spending Habits Of Its 4 Million Users

Over the next few years, the concept of content and what it entails is going to be thoroughly explored. One area where I think a lot of companies will find valuable outreach opportunities is in sharing their information. Sometimes information may have even felt was sensitive. But information works for companies in a number of ways. It establishes authority on a subject through insights around their market. And it often makes great buzz-worthy content (note the Mint example here). Naturally you want to avoid giving competitors the keys to your kingdom, but a little information can build a good story. And that’s what good content is.

Five Steps to Unlock the Art and Science of Dynamic Content « Social Media Monitoring and Engagement

An outline of what makes good content. The bottom line is, it has to be fresh and it has to be quality. Anything that isn’t either one of those, consumers can smell a mile away.

Seth’s Blog: I spread your idea because…

Seth writes a list of ideas that remind us people share content and stories for a wide variety of reasons.

AppMakr Raises $1 Million To Help You Build Custom iPhone Apps

If you haven’t heard of AppMakr, this is probably a good time to give it a try. They’ve already built one of the simplest tools for building iPhone apps, and with this latest round of funding, there’s sure to be more features and capabilities.

Why Social Media Is Perfect for Brand Ambassador Campaigns

What I really like about these campaigns is how organic they feel. And that’s ultimately what content development needs to generate. A sense of truth and authenticity about the brand, with the content demonstrating the brand’s qualities instead of trying to push a message that the audience, and often the company itself, doesn’t really buy.

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