Confessions (and marketing contemplations) of a Disney nerd

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Let's get this out of the way right off the bat: I'm a giant Disneyland dork. When it comes to "the happiest place on Earth," I totally drink the Kool-Aid. Since buying my first season pass four years ago, my devotion to the park has grown to the point where I frequently have to downplay (if not outright lie about) the amount of time I spend within those magical gates. (Yes, I actually believe they're magical. Stop judging me.)

But I digress. My borderline Mickey obsession notwithstanding, Disney's latest social media play brings my professional respect for the company right in line with my personal feelings of reverence.

As part of its newly launched "Let the Memories Begin" campaign [1], Disney Parks plans to make real-life park goers the center of its TV, print, and online marketing. Visitors are encouraged to upload their favorite memories -- be it in text, photo, or video form -- to a new online destination, But perhaps more exciting, starting in January, park visitors who have their photos taken by Disney PhotoPass photographers during the day will be featured during a nightly show within the park.

Making customer stories the center of a marketing push is nothing new. But for a brand like Disney, whose parks evoke incredibly powerful memories for nearly everyone who visits, such a move is especially compelling. Consider the below video as Exhibit A. If this doesn't tweak at least one of your heartstrings, I might suggest that you don't have strings (or even a heart, for that matter) to tweak.

YouTube Preview Image [2]

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