The extreme rebrand of the humble baby carrot

Posted by Lori Luechtefeld on August 31st, 2010 at 6:57 pm

Don't tell me that not all products lend themselves to splashy digital campaigns. If baby carrots can do it, anything can.

The simple concept behind the Crispin Porter carrot campaign is brilliant: "Baby carrots: Eat 'em like junk food." The slogan comes along with a packaging redesign that makes baby carrots look more like a bag of chips or other snack food. From the perspective of someone who is eating a bag of baby carrots as she writes this (but would rather be eating the Kettle chips that are only 15 feet away), disguising my healthy snack as something greasier is a strangely appealing concept.

And now, this clever concept is going digital. The campaign now includes an over-the-top website that represents a tongue-in-cheek mockery of more "extreme" snacks. In addition, Creativity Online reports that the carrot industry is rolling out an iPhone app. (The website promises it to be "the world's first carrot-crunch-powered video game." For whatever that's worth.) In addition, this fall, the campaign will launch a YouTube series, "The Late Shift w/ Chip & Abdul." Now, I can't imagine what exactly a YouTube series sponsored by carrots will look like. But I must say I'm intrigued.

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