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Creativing :: Apple’s fantastic arrogance, Facebook and Amazon friend each other, and two excellent augmented reality apps

Posted by Doug Schumacher on July 31st, 2010 at 6:03 pm

What’s going on in new media marketing, pulled from social bookmarking site

Tweet of the Week

so many girls leave their boyfriends over his excessive x-box playing that they should call it the ex-box.

The ever-arrogant Apple « Observatory

Funny take on Apple’s brand personality, and how there aren’t enough companies like them.

Facebook And Amazon Join Forces For Social Shopping

This brings together two online giants in a way that clearly demonstrates the power of Facebook Connect to a major retailer like Amazon. Perhaps no other category is more tied to our friends than books, music, and movies. And when you think about how many people have their preferences in those categories listed in Facebook, the value to Amazon becomes obvious. But it goes beyond that. Where else can a retailer like Amazon tell you which of your friend’s birthdays are coming up, while also knowing their product preferences. Check it out.

iButterfly=AR(Augmented Reality) × Motion Sensor × GPS × Coupon [VIDEO]

This is an exception demonstration of the potential around AR. I think this specific example is a little misdirected. Very kid-focused, but on iPhones with GPS? And with coupons? Seems like a great core idea — collecting things that are all across a country and only visible through your phone — waiting for a brand to give it the perfect context. cracking down on perverts – Yahoo! News

So, who’s going to be left using the service? Seriously, though, the question is, What’s the long-term potential for this type of online experience? YouTube pulled down sexual content, but users found a lot of other creative ways to use the service. That may be possible for ChatRoulette, but could require them to invest time and money into showing the way to that. A large user base is a great place to start, though.

This Week’s 10 Most Explosive Facebook Pages

Self-explanatory title, with no additional explanation required.

Augmented Reality: PlanningAlerts Uses Mobile to Reveal Undesirable Real Estate | MobileBehavior

Perhaps the most practical augmented reality application I’ve seen. You simply hold up your phone to view a real estate property, and it shows you all the potential problems in the vicinity. If this were offered in my area (it’s in Australia at the moment) and I was house shopping, this would be a given.

Seth’s Blog: The problem with unlimited

More wisdom from Sage Godin.

How To Make Your Blog Popular On Facebook In 5 Seconds

Beyond the simple advice about increasing your activity rate for posts is the foundational reason for doing so. It increases the odds of your story appearing in the newsfeeds of your Fans.

MediaShift . Your Guide to Next Generation ‘Content Farms’ | PBS

This should be an interesting series of articles on the growing area of content farming, one of the major challengers to the publishing industry as we know it.

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