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Creativing :: Apple’s fantastic arrogance, Facebook and Amazon friend each other, and two excellent augmented reality apps

Posted by Doug Schumacher on July 31st, 2010 at 6:03 pm

What’s going on in new media marketing, pulled from social bookmarking site
Tweet of the Week
so many girls leave their boyfriends over his excessive x-box playing that they should call it the ex-box.
The ever-arrogant Apple « Observatory
Funny take on Apple’s brand personality, and how there aren’t enough companies like them.
Facebook And Amazon Join Forces For Social Shopping
This brings together two online giants in a way that clearly demonstrates the power of Facebook Connect to a major retailer like Amazon. Perhaps no other category is more tied to our friends than books, music, and movies. And when you think about how many people have their preferences in those categories listed in Facebook, the value to Amazon becomes obvious. But it goes beyond that. Where else can a retailer like Amazon tell you which of your friend’s birthdays are coming up, while also knowing their product preferences. Check it out.
iButterfly=AR(Augmented Reality) × Motion Sensor × GPS × Coupon [VIDEO]
This is an exception demonstration of the potential around AR. I think this specific example is a little misdirected. Very kid-focused, but on iPhones with GPS? And... Read more

You want fries with that Jamba Juice?

Posted by Jodi Harris on July 29th, 2010 at 8:27 pm

Mmm. Nothing like a thick, juicy smoothie made from grilled meat and cheese and covered in kechup and mustard. At least, according to Jamba Juice's latest YouTube video:
Sound ridiculous? Well, that's the point of the juice company's new web campaign: You wouldn't think of a smoothie franchise making burgers, so why would you go to a burger joint to get a smoothie?
Of course, the reveal isn't immediately obvious. After viewing the YouTube set-up, you need to head over to the related site, to be let in on the joke.
I must say, the vision of a mom and daughter spooning icy blended "beef" into their mouths in the video ad was enough to put me off all food -- smoothie or otherwise -- for at least a little while. But once my nausea subsides, I'll be taking advantage of the $1 off a (real) smoothie coupon, which viewers are rewarded with for engaging in the full cycle of the campaign.
Get some.

Groupon gets closer to "you-pon"

Posted by Jodi Harris on July 29th, 2010 at 7:03 pm

A single, amazing bargain per day. That's how Groupon has established itself in the world of digital deals. And now the crowd-sourcing coupon company is sweetening the deal by letting users tailor the offers they receive by their location.
As described on the company's "Grou-blog-pon", "Instead of a single daily deal across an entire city, Groupon subscribers will begin seeing a different deal personalized to their likes, dislikes, whittling ability, and number of pole-dancing classes needed to reach the medically advised minimum." The new Personal Deals service launched today in Chicago, LA, New York, San Francisco, San Jose, and Seattle, and aims to deliver more relvant deals to site members as they build buying patterns and share information.  

 According to Groupon's founder, Andrew Mason, the new service allows the company to offer more deals for businesses to small, niche, and local businesses, as well as to help address the overwhelming demand from merchants who want to be featured on Groupon.

Latest updates from Job Connection: Digitas, Omnicom, and others

Posted by Tim Loc on July 29th, 2010 at 5:34 pm

Wanna know who's hiring? Check out our Job Connection page to get the latest on open positions.
Senior Media Planner, Digitas, Philadelphia, PA
Media Planner, Digitas Philadelphia, PA
Manager, Business Development - Financial Markets, Media Whiz, New York, NY
Senior Digital Planner/Buyer, U.S. International Media LLC, West Hollywood, CA
Strategy Supervisor, Digital, Omnicom Media Group Holdings New York, NY
If your company is searching for that perfect candidate to fill an open position, Job Connection can help you too.

See how advertisers see you

Posted by Jodi Harris on July 28th, 2010 at 8:11 pm

Privacy is a big buzz topic this week, with the FTC mulling the idea of a "Do Not Track" list, and Facebook unveiling its new Safety Center. But a new service is aiming to put privacy power back in the hands of the people by aggregating the information advertisers are collecting on them and providing them with some input as to whether these interest assumptions are an accurate part of their personal profiles.
San Francisco-based Bynamite's platform is based on the assertion that consumers should be in control of -- and even rewarded for -- the information that advertisers gather and leverage about them. According to the company's website, Bynamite manages opt-out preferences across ad networks, and serves as a watchdog to make sure they obey those preferences. By installing the Bynamite platform, users can see all the interests they've been tagged with, based on their browsing habits, and add or delete those interests to create a more accurate picture of what products and services they do and don't want to be messaged about.
For example, while writing this post, Bynamite popped up to alert me of my newly identified interests in Business/Compensation & Benefits (hmm, not so much); Internet (well, duh); News/Newspapers... Read more