John Battelle: Apple kicking Google out of iWorld

Posted by Gretchen Hyman on June 9th, 2010 at 1:32 pm

On John Battelle's Searchblog today:

"I've written extensively about iAds here and here, and one question I raised has to do with Apple's policies with regard to third party data and ad networks, in particular AdMob.

As All Things Digital notes today, Apple this week "clarified" its policy with regard to third party networks, and it's hard to read it as anything other than a direct declaration of war with Google. In short, third party ad networks can run in AppWorld, but only if they are "independent". Put another way, sorry AdMob, you're not welcome here. (I interviewed AdMob CEO at the CM Summit Monday, and asked him about this. This was before the policy was clarified, but he seemed pretty certain Apple would do this.)

I think this is shortsighted and wrong. I also think it's classic Apple. It's a re run of the Us vs. The World mentality that forced the Mac into a corner back in the late 1980s. This time, Google plays the role of Microsoft, but it really doesn't matter. Apple won't let anyone play in their iWorld who might pose a competitive threat.

This is all we need now - a major platform war, with marketers and developers having to pick sides, cost of development, ad serving, analytics, and marketing services at least tripled (one process for Android, one for iPhone/Pad/Touch, one for Microsoft or Palm/HP or.... ). That's not what the web is about. It's disheartening."

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3 Responses to “John Battelle: Apple kicking Google out of iWorld”

  1. I also find this disheartening. As owner of an agency in Denver, we are now forced to triple our efforts and focus to develop for the 3 platforms (Apple, Droid and Microsoft ) - this does put added hours for the client and more frustration creating cohesive applications. We still have a bad taste in our mouth from Flash getting the boot. -JC

  2. Brandt Dainow says:

    Platform wars only last as long as people can afford to play with more than one platform. There inevitably comes a time when people have to tune budgets, then they go with the platform with the largest install base because it offers the best ROI. It doesn't matter how good (or not) the iPhone/iPad platform is, if others are easier to work with and more open to partnerships, Apple must inevitably lose.

  3. Kevin says:

    Google is most likely going to do Grave damage to Apple if not for ONE reason, MULTIPLE Source carriers, vs Apple's sole source AT&T. For example, when I hear AT&T I cringe because of my past Horrible experience with AT&T's wireless service. Like 99% of the population I want choices. Don;t force me to go with ONE carrier ONLY. Hence, I am finally making the Smartphone leap , and it's NOT going to be iPhone

    And, I think first quarter results showing Google Android sales Outpacing Apple iPhone is the beginning of the end for Apple's Honeymoon.

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