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10 web content urban legends

Posted by Jodi Harris on June 9th, 2010 at 11:11 am

The power and responsibility of web content, and those who create it, seems to be taking center stage in digital media of late. I've posted a few of my opinions on the hot-button topic, and I'm looking forward to following the debate as it continues.

At yesterday's Mashable Media Summit, College Humor CEO Ricky Van Veen shared his two cents on the ways marketers and publishers should use the power of the pen, offering up a list of 10 web content urban legends, and how to avoid being busted by the myths. Here's just a snippet of his insight:

Myth #1: People will want to watch your branded content. If you don't have a good reason why people should watch your video, don't make it.

Myth #5: We have no idea why things go viral. While there may not be rules for success, Van Veen points out that all successful viral videos give the user a reason to pass it along.

Myth #8: Keep things professional. Van Veen recommends that you show people behind the scenes, as it gives your site personality and makes it sticky, which subsequently drives brands.

These guys know you can't believe the web hype

Take a look at Van Veen's full list and recommendations at

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