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'Social Viewing' In Action: 'Lost' Finale Attracts 13.5 Million Viewers – And Half A Million Tweets

Posted by Rick Mathieson on May 24th, 2010 at 12:00 am

Lost the end series finale making of lost experience mike benson marketing In an alternate reality - or was it purgatory? - millions of television viewers had to run real-time commentary on the series finale of "Lost" instead of just watch.

Yes, ratings were strong - with 13.5 million viewers. But that's just the beginning.

Nearly a half million tweets - 437, 613 - were posted (to be fair, mostly during commercial breaks) in a flurry of "I knew its" and "WTFs" that took Twitter by storm.

In my new book THE ON-DEMAND BRAND (available everywhere books are sold), I look at the trend in "social viewing" and "participation TV" and how it's impacting the way shows are viewed, shared, dissected and even produced.

We saw a living laboratory on the matter during Sunday night's show - eclipsed only by the 780,000 tweets during this year's Oscar telecast.

So what's the appeal? As Anthony Soohoo, SVP and GM of CBS Interactive (which recently launched online social viewing rooms for fans of CBS' shows) recently told The Hollywood Reporter, "This takes people 3,000 miles away and makes them feel like they're sitting on the couch next to each other."

The other factor: Fodder for conversation.

How'd I know about the latest plot theory, cast gossip or hidden Easter Egg?

What else: A little bird told me.

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