Don't Become an SEO Dinosaur

Posted by Brian Easter on April 30th, 2010 at 12:00 am

Biologically speaking, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) would be a mutant.  An ever changing species, SEO has undergone an evolution that would require exposure to radiation to duplicate in nature.  Swift changes and adaptations necessitate dedication, and constant development of knowledge, to continually produce effective campaigns.  Initially, the techniques used for SEO were like blunt instruments compared to the subtle and precise skills currently in demand.  Keyword stuffing, link farming, and the implementation of SEO as an afterthought to interactive marketing campaigns were all too commonplace during the development of SEO.  Currently, the skills required are more delicate and exact, but still bear a relation to their pre-evolution counterparts.

If SEO, in its current form, had to be defined by two words, those words would be 'relevant' and 'organic'.  Instead of creating a web page that has the keyword repeated as many times as possible on the page, included in the meta tags, and serving as the anchor text of any links to the page, rich descriptive content that users want to read is in demand.  Naturally occurring keywords are necessary, those that don't appear as though the sentence is written around them.  While focusing on keywords in the title tag is still a safe bet, including them in the meta tags is no longer necessary or effective.  Content needs to draw browsers in, to pique their interest and make them want to stay a while.  The same concept applies to links.  Although it seems counter intuitive to SEO specialists, less really is more.

Search engines have wised up.  Generating hundreds or even millions of links that have nothing to do with the product focus does not confer the benefit to a website t it did even 5 years ago.  Gaining quality links is time consuming and difficult to achieve.  One of the sure signs of an inferior marketing firm is a lackadaisical attitude towards organic link building, a philosophy that would soon be reflected in the metrics for their client's sites.  

The precedent in SEO strategies today is quality writing and networking.  Interacting with the SEO community, maintaining current knowledge, and utilizing relationships as resources for building campaigns is an effective and reputable technique to gain rankings and recognition in search engines.  Utilizing new tools available through social media is an excellent solution to maintain contacts, and generate buzz around products through directed mass exposure.  Not only will creating compelling content and generating quality links make your site look good to search engines, it will result in traffic that will bring clients and conversions.

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