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What We Learned From An Angry Mob

Posted by Rob Rose on March 28th, 2010 at 12:00 am

Arguing for the value of the argument is a time honored tradition in professional sports.  Here's how it goes.  At some point in a game, a call goes against one of the teams.  The coach of the "wronged" team jumps up enraged (or whatever your favorite coach's facsimile of enraged is) and gets in the face of the referee.   In 99% of these cases, the coach doesn't *really* expect to get the decision overturned, nor is he really negotiating.  He's simply posturing to motivate his team, excite the crowd, or try and influence the next call.  One of the classics at this was baseball skipper Earl Weaver who (as legend has it) once screamed at an umpire "I'm going to check the rule book on that!"  The umpire replied "Here, use mine." And Weaver said "that's no good – I can't read Braille" (insert rimshot here).
You can certainly see this same phenomenon in other places as well.  From morning news programs, to cable talk-shows to some forms of marketing – pundits will often take an argumentative position just to create drama and controversy, motivate their base, and generate "ratings".  They're not *really* interested in talking through the issues of a particular disagreement.  In fact, the Onion did a hysterical piece on... Read more

Internet Advertising: Suffering A Sales Crisis!

Posted by Mark Papia on March 27th, 2010 at 12:00 am

As the head of a digital sales team, and a sales guy from back-in-the-day when print ruled my world, it is hard for me to say it, but, this is how I see it -- at a time when the Internet as a media has not taken advantage of a complete advertising breakdown in newspapers and magazines, we, as digital publishers, have largely failed. Think about it! We haven't taken big share points. We haven't converted that huge client to shift all their money to the Web. We haven't had that defining moment, or tipping point, that shows the Internet as the dominant consumer attention getter.
What I hear too much about, and what is endemic to the problem here, is technology. There is no shortage of technology. The fact is, targeting technologies are ahead of most publishers' ability to use them and keep pace with them. Good technology does not equal a good sales effort and a poor sales effort will lead to a lack of customer and user satisfaction with the technology they use. That's what this industry is seeing right now. We have technologies that are very sophisticated and very complicated. But sales teams are providing only the... Read more

How Consumer Attitudes and Behaviors are Shaped in Social Media: 10 Essential Rules You've Never Heard

Posted by Taddy Hall on March 26th, 2010 at 12:00 am

My good friends at Ad Age published a similar set of points on Monday.  They seemed to resonate.  Look forward to comments and continued discussion...
These days, everyone seems to have advice about how to run your social media marketing program. There are so many tips floating around, it's hard to know what truly essential strategies you should follow to effectively use social media to build your business. Questions abound: do Facebook fans drive sales? Why should I fund forums for consumers to pillory my products, ridicule my service, and tout the competition? And, whatever I decide to do, how I will I know if it's working?
In the search for Truth, sometimes Social Media is its own worst enemy. With a self-credentialed guru waiting at every click and blog, finding actionable, fact-based insight is tricky.
So, in a modest attempt to bring a dose of sanity to this intellectual frat party, I've reined my impulse to lob more "personal picks" into the fray. Instead, I'll follow the wisdom of an august data mining colleague to just "let the data speak".
Our process was to query data from hundreds of our brand clients to see what testable truths emerged – and here's what we found: 10- rules that... Read more

Video: How the ESET QR Code/SMS Campaign Worked

Posted by Reid Carr on March 25th, 2010 at 12:00 am

To follow up on the last two blog posts about this campaign, ESET QR Codes at SXSW a Success!... and some data points you can use and Following the ESET QR Code Scavenger Hunt at SXSW, we produced this video to take you through the experience. We thought it might help clarify how it actually worked.

Notes On An iPhone From The CTIA Show Otherwise Known as JustB4iPAD

Posted by Jeff Hasen on March 25th, 2010 at 12:00 am

Notes on an iPhone while literally searching for "the meaning of life" …
Contrary to the long held belief – assuming any belief around mobile is long held – Google is seeing search behavior on smartphones mapping closely to activities done on laptop and desktop computers.
"What we found is that consumers who use high-end mobile devices, their search behavior is very similar to what we're seeing on the PC," said Diana Pouliot, director of mobile advertising at Google. "Consumers are searching for info from a wide variety of topics – compared to a narrow variety when it comes to feature phones."
The top Google result on "the meaning of life" on my iPhone took me to quotes on the subject.
"When I hear somebody say, 'Life is hard,' I am always tempted to ask, 'Compared to what?'"
Exactly. …
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The recently concluded CTIA Wireless show featured more apps and maps than phones and tablets. BlackBerry fit in that camp, displaying apps on devices already introduced to the market.... Read more