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Creativing :: The creepy addiction of Chatroulette, Foursquare's real impact, and trouble ahead for online advertising

Posted by Doug Schumacher on February 26th, 2010 at 12:00 am

What's going on in new media marketing, pulled from social bookmarking site

Tweet of the Week

I've been sitting in LA traffic so much today I wrote a pilot. I need a Final Draft app.

The Surreal World of Chatroulette –

If you haven't seen this site, check it out. Like the NY Times writer, I think it's faddish, but also feel it's part of a segue to more anonymous online content experiences.

5 Ways Foursquare is Changing the World

Of these, the Mayorships and the game element (badges) are the real differentiators for Foursquare. The other features mentioned will increase in value as the Foursquare community grows.

How the Global Fortune 100 are using social media: some statistics | FreshNetworks

Some curious stats out of this analysis. Between Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Blogs, companies are using blogs the least. That's interesting, because blogs offer the most content ownership of all four, which a lot of brands seem pretty concerned about.

I'm also surprised that 68% of Global Fortune 100 firms are actively using a YouTube channel by adding 10 new videos each month. That's a good rate of content development.

NYT: Apple Purges Blue Apps from Online Store

Another in what's a growing list of situations where Apple's closed-loop approach to business stands opposite Google's open, "let the people decide" approach. While I'm an enormous fan of the products Apple's built, their mindset displayed in the quotes in this article sound more like Microsoft policy of the past 20 years, and less like the openness that has been so key to the Web's growth and evolution.

Creativity Feeds The Data Beast (And Digital Killed The TV Star) – Media Post

Cory poses a great question here. What if the ad industry loses the power of 3rd party cookies in the pending 2011 legislation? For an industry that has positioned itself as the leading marketing vehicle based around insights and information that those cookies generate, that's going to be a tough sell. And from what I've read, the 2011 ruling is a given to pass. The easiest sell in Washington. So emphasis has to be somewhere other than the bread crumb trail from ad to shopping cart.

MediaPost Publications Rothenberg: 'Forces Out To Destroy Interactive Advertising'

This is a must-read for anyone in the digital space. If this legislation goes through, it's going to be like a bomb dropped on the line marketing industry. What's everyone talk about regarding online advertising? How trackable it is. So imagine taking away the biggest selling point for an entire industry. And my guess is that this legislation will pass. Doug Weaver had a great commentary on this at the last iMedia Summit. With what wil almost surely be a down economy, politicians will be looking for easy victories. And consumer privacy will be just the tool.

The Best Web Browser on the Planet – Slate Magazine

if you haven't tried Google's new browser Chrome, this is a good overview of why it's preferable to other browsers, but also what it lacks. My favorite example of the Google mindset is how they've built into Chrome a time saving device that produces search results right in the address entry field. Thus eliminating the need for a visit to their own site. What other company on the planet would ever make that decision?

Faster, Faster! Google's brilliant new plan to provide super-speedy Internet access. – Slate

Speeds 100 to 200 times faster than our current broadband connections. Sign me up. The reason for our current broadband speeds? The lack of competition in the service provider industry. Imagine how nice it would be if your business only had one other competitor.

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