A Perfect Advertising Cocktail

Posted By Zephrin Lasker On February 18, 2010 @ 12:00 AM In Media Planning & Buying | No Comments

A quick perusal of the advertising trades over the last six months shows the emergence of a new cocktail: a shot of heady new technologies like social marketing with a splash of old favorites like email and CRM. This is an encouraging development.

It shows that the industry is willing to embrace all that is new and exciting, without sacrificing the focus on ROI. The latter is especially important as the ability to deliver measurable results is what has driven online advertising's growth over the last decade.

Take a look at some of the marketers that are converging branding and performance campaigns:

  • In what has to be a watershed moment for advertising, Pepsi decided not to advertise during the Super Bowl. Instead, it decided to engage consumers in a two-way dialogue through social networks.  To quote Lauren Hobart from TIME magazine, "It's a big shift. We explored different launch plans, and the Super Bowl just wasn't the right venue, because we're really trying to spark a full-year movement from the ground up. The plan is to have much more two-way dialogue with our customers."
  •  The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) is using a combination of performance marketing, email and search to increase its Facebook and Twitter membership. First, it ran Cost-per-Lead ads that invited pet owners and animal-rights advocates to sign up for ASPCA's e-mail.  ASPCA then sent the people who signed up an e-mail inviting those people to become a fan on Facebook or follow @aspca on Twitter.
  • JC Penney is using a combination of email, direct mail and social to promote its jewelry line.

There are many marketers who are venturing boldly into unfamiliar social territory – but they are doing so using familiar and accountable advertising vehicles.

Performance marketing to connect with interested and motivated consumers. Email and CRM to build and foster meaningful relationships.  Social networks to inform and listen to feedback.

It all sounds like a great advertising cocktail. Drink responsibly.

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